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boat talk

Boat Talk

So you’ve been invited on a boat, or someone near and dear just bought one. The cooler is ready for its first adventure. Right? One of the most exciting things about boating is the culture behind it. Even as technology evolves, the boating lifestyle maintains a traditional flare to it, and let’s face it--we all want to join in. Take a look at some of the words you might hear on any one of your upcoming boating adventures. Even if [...]

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

Open water is open water. When you find yourself out there with your crew, chances are you’re usually far out from the noise and bustle of civilization. We travel out there for a reason, but one of the things that avid boaters rely on are the brands they take out there with them. When it comes to equipping your vessels and your team, not only do boaters seek the brands they trust, but where they purchase these items are a [...]

Catalina Island

Lover’s Cove, Catalina Island, California

There is a ‘must visit’ spot for every snorkeler off the coast of the Catalina Island. Whether you’ve cruised in on your boat, or you are a local, checking out this Southern California treasure has got to go on your ‘to do’ list. This protected marine reserve is a great place to dip in, whether you’re new to snorkeling or you’re a pro and charges no fees. An interesting thing about Lover’s Cove is that the protected areas were designed [...]

name boat

Naming Your Boat

So you’ve gone ahead and confirmed the brand, model--even the colors. You’re all set with your vessel, which brings us to one of the most enjoyable and stressful parts of owning a boat--naming it!  You’re bound to get a lot of suggestions from family and friends, so the time comes to pick a name, here are some things you’ll want to consider: Women: The Greeks and Romans named their boats after their gods. However, eventually it took on, for centuries, that [...]

Family fun

Safely Cruising With the Kids

Getting out on the water with the family can be fun, but as most things go making sure that the experience is a safe one for the little guys is definitely one of the most important things to check off before a family adventure out on the water.  Lifejackets: Any and all children present should know how to properly wear a lifejacket. You can play around with it before you head out of the dock. Make it fun and get [...]

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