Holiday Boat Party

Holiday Boat Party Ideas. Where will you watch the fireworks?

A holiday boat party is always a must for boat lovers. Where else could a serious captain spend the holidays? Here are several ideas for a fun December aboard your catamaran, yacht or fishing boat. Say goodbye to 2016 on your boat’s deck! Enjoy the best view of the fireworks, amongst your family, with your closest friends or at the best party. Family dinner on the deck. Check “sunset on a boat”, “dinner with family” and “happy holidays” off your list [...]

South Florida's Boating Lifestyle

Jump on Board! Why South Florida Votes for Boating as the Best Family Activity

Most people think South Florida is just Miami and the beaches: the party city, the tourism hot spot. But it’s also a great place to raise a family. Visiting South Florida's boating scene is one of the resident's favorite activities. But people aren’t always hopping on board to go fishing, sometimes they just want to enjoy the wind in their hair and the sun on their faces. Often, Floridian parents choose to try out boating because they are looking for a tranquil place [...]

Lake Placid Florida

Lake Placid, Florida

Tucked away in Highlands County, in the Southern part of Florida known as “The Ridge” of the Sunshine State, is Lake Placid. Not to be confused with New York’s Lake Placid, this Florida town nicknamed after the myriad of murals painted on buildings across town. If you are looking for a destination to visit this summer before fall sets in, this freshwater destination in Florida is definitely one to consider given its cozy nature and perfect summer charm. Lake [...]

boat logbook

The Importance of the Logbook

Logbooks have been around since the beginning of time. Originally used for navigation by sailors, years proved that they were an essential part of the boating experience. Nowadays, boat owners and their crews are quite clear on the importance of observation and note taking when out on the water. Though many stick to blank books to fill in their information, it’s quite usual to guide yourself with an app or book that has specific sections to fill out. Simply [...]

container ship

The Port of New York and New Jersey: Container Ships

For those boaters who share ports with container ships, it’s quite an important thing to learn about how these monstrous vessels work. One can only imagine that a container ship destined to deliver in the Port of New York and New Jersey has quite a lot to deal with before making it home safe--nothing short of a water highway, a space for everyone--kayakers, sailboats, motorboats, ferries, and cruise lines, all getting of these unstoppable freighters. Although they are able to [...]

Bass Pro Shops

Bass Pro Shops

Open water is open water. When you find yourself out there with your crew, chances are you’re usually far out from the noise and bustle of civilization. We travel out there for a reason, but one of the things that avid boaters rely on are the brands they take out there with them. When it comes to equipping your vessels and your team, not only do boaters seek the brands they trust, but where they purchase these items are a [...]

Tobago cays

Tobago Cays

An archipelago of the Southern Grenadines, the Tobago Cays are five uninhabited islands surrounded by Horseshoe Reef. Also known as the “Jewel in the Crown” of the Southern Grenadines, the Tobago Cays are said that is of the most magnificent anchoring spots in the Eastern Caribbean. The islands, though uninhabited, provide significant economic, cultural, social, and environmental value to St. Vincent and the Grenadines. A national park, the Tobago Cays is the ideal spot to set up ship and go [...]

Catalina Island

Lover’s Cove, Catalina Island, California

There is a ‘must visit’ spot for every snorkeler off the coast of the Catalina Island. Whether you’ve cruised in on your boat, or you are a local, checking out this Southern California treasure has got to go on your ‘to do’ list. This protected marine reserve is a great place to dip in, whether you’re new to snorkeling or you’re a pro and charges no fees. An interesting thing about Lover’s Cove is that the protected areas were designed [...]

Memorial day

Great Memorial Day Destinations for Boaters

Memorial Day is a holiday boat owners love. If you are unsure of where your holiday destination will be, here are some of the hot spots where you can park your vessel: In the Midwest: Seneca The deepest of the Finger Lakes, it’s the best known of the five for its recreational sailing. Home to a number of wineries in the area due to its macroclimate there is so much to experience on and off your boat. In South Carolina: Charleston Recently praised [...]


BAHAMAS: A Caribbean Getaway

After hours spent discussing boats and maritime gadgets at the Miami International Boat Show, It’s inevitable that we finally discuss one of the main reasons we invest in the details--the undeniable pleasure of roaming and conquering the ocean. For Floridians, it’s not a matter of whether or not to venture out into open water, but rather where to begin. And who better to help us out than Richard Treco, X of Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas. Lucky enough to [...]

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