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boat checklist

The Basic Checklist

Every boat trip requires a checklist. You’re going to be out there on the water and though you might have only planned to be there for a short time, things change and you want to be prepared. It’s not worth the trouble. So what are the main points to consider when heading out on the water? Water: Make sure to take enough water for everyone on the boat. This is not only for comfort but for safety as well. Food: Though [...]

Boatrax App

Boatrax Features

Boatrax was created so that boat enthusiasts, both old and aspiring, could share nautical experiences with one another. Take a look at our favorite features, all of which have been carefully designed to enhance your boating adventures. Boat Snapshot: This feature allows you to record the state of your boat. This includes current fuel level, last trip information, and a categorized list of shopping items to be purchased, keeping all pertinent information at top of mind. Trip Log: Get things rolling with [...]

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