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container ship

The Port of New York and New Jersey: Container Ships

For those boaters who share ports with container ships, it’s quite an important thing to learn about how these monstrous vessels work. One can only imagine that a container ship destined to deliver in the Port of New York and New Jersey has quite a lot to deal with before making it home safe--nothing short of a water highway, a space for everyone--kayakers, sailboats, motorboats, ferries, and cruise lines, all getting of these unstoppable freighters. Although they are able to [...]


The ABCs of Boats

Everyone knows what a boat is, but after you’ve established that you’re going to head out on the water, the simple term “boat” might not do justice or really give you much insight into the experience that’s ahead of you. We’re here to brief you on the basics! Someone has to! It’s important to know these kinds of things in case you ever find yourself wanting to prepare for an activity and not sure what kind of boat you’re been [...]

Memorial day

Great Memorial Day Destinations for Boaters

Memorial Day is a holiday boat owners love. If you are unsure of where your holiday destination will be, here are some of the hot spots where you can park your vessel: In the Midwest: Seneca The deepest of the Finger Lakes, it’s the best known of the five for its recreational sailing. Home to a number of wineries in the area due to its macroclimate there is so much to experience on and off your boat. In South Carolina: Charleston Recently praised [...]

Hydra Sports: The Bullet proof boat

With just about forty years in the making, Hydra Sports Custom brings its experience in boat living and building to bring you a design like no other.  The Hydra Sports boats, also known as the “Bullet proof boat” are well-known for quite a few things:  the first offshore hull to use Kevlar, the first center consoles to fish against the traditional sport fish inboard boats in the offshore tournament circuits, and lately the first with high horsepower ratings and huge [...]


BAHAMAS: A Caribbean Getaway

After hours spent discussing boats and maritime gadgets at the Miami International Boat Show, It’s inevitable that we finally discuss one of the main reasons we invest in the details--the undeniable pleasure of roaming and conquering the ocean. For Floridians, it’s not a matter of whether or not to venture out into open water, but rather where to begin. And who better to help us out than Richard Treco, X of Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas. Lucky enough to [...]


VanDutch: Gone Cruising

It was blue skies for miles the afternoon that we sat down with VanDutch’s Nick Cardozo in Miami recently. Recognized and praised throughout the world for its striking designs, the VanDutch team offers boats for an impromptu lifestyle, what some of us might call ‘the good life.’ Establishing the brand in Monaco in 2008, the name is short for Vanguard Dutch Marine, a tribute to Dutch engineering and craftsmanship. With a sleek design, a teck composite deck and an array [...]

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