Own a Boat VS. Rent a Boat

Own a Boat VS. Rent a Boat

Yes, boating is probably the most exciting adventure for you just as it is for me. But let’s face it, when we’ve also got other needs, not to mention our families, the dream boat is pushed farther down the shopping list.

Well, thanks to boat rental services, we aren’t entirely out of options. However, when it gets to it boaters always have to face the hard decision – do I buy a boat or just rent a boat? What is the best thing to do? Believe me, I don’t think even the smartest economic analysts would be able to come up with a general answer for us. Truth is, sometimes it’s this. Sometimes, it’s the other.

Let’s look at closely the pros and cons of both and hopefully after reading this, you’d have felt some weight off of those shoulders.

Rent a Boat:

The hard truth is that boats are expensive, and of course, they tend to lose their touch over time. Just like cars, these boats lose value over time. Every time the engine has been used, it depreciates even more and it’s not like you can keep it on stand-by. When you’ve invested so much on buying a boat and it’s just sitting there doing nothing, it gnaws on you. With rentals, you won’t have to think about its long-term value, and you won’t bother with that voice in your head telling you how much money you wasted by not using it.

The beauty of renting a boat too is that you’re not responsible for its maintenance. The cost of maintaining it and keeping it from disintegrating can put holes in your pocket. Renting a boat also allows you to choose from a wide variety depending on the activity if your choice.

Own a Boat:

Economically, it’s much smarter to just buy a boat if you’re not the occasional boater. How about using all the money you used to rent to just buy a boat? That seems like the better option. Of course, if you’ve got the money to spare, then just live the dream all together. Yes, it’s more expensive. Yes, it needs a lot work to maintain. Yes, it might eat your conscience not to use it. But let’s be real, you are going to use it all the time. You love maintaining the boat, because you’re dedicated to it. You know it will be worth it since you know you’ll using and caring for the boat. It’s the sense of ownership that comes with it.

The verdict:

If you can’t afford to shed more bucks on boating, then I suggest you rent. When you can, then buy. It’s that simple. Considering all the other factors that’s been discussed, I’m sure you know what you want to do.


Restoring Your Gelcoat

As we know, gelcoat glazes our boats into its finest. Overtime, stains and minor scratches will appear slowly mounting up our boat’s beauty and can reduce your gelcoat’s luster. With gelcoats, you need not to have a costly paint makeover. What you need are gelcoat maintenance routines should be done regularly.

How can you ensure that you are doing the best of your ways to restore it?

Check out tips to get right with gelcoat maintenance:



The first thing you need to do is to clean the entire surface of your boat with boat soap. It is much better to use this kind of cleaning agent compared to dish soaps to remove any accumulated dirt. Just mix the right amount of warm water together with soap on a pail, then dip a mop into the soapy mixture, and spread the mop along the boat’s surface.



To avoid any damage in the cleaning process, so as not get scuffed up by the buffer, you must tape off all irremovable fittings like the boat’s rub rail, and other items. Next, get a good oxidation remover and thoroughly buff the gelcoat with a heavy duty buffer. Make sure to place the buffer on the fiberglass first, before pressing the power button, or else your buffer could spill the liquid away. Keep your buffer moving to make an even shine.



For the next step, apply a protective coating of bee’s wax by hand. By using bee’s wax, it’ll now be easier to remove fish blood, scales, and chum stains.



After applying bee’s wax, you need to apply another protective coat that will help seal the gelcoat, making it shinier than ever. In this procedure, you can use either fiberglass polish (for longer-lasting shine) or carnauba wax (for brightest shine). Both of these can do a graceful finish, depends on the quality you want. In applying this coating, you can use a power buffer but remember to change the bonnet first (never to mix cleaners, oxidation removers, waxes or polishes on the same bonnet).



As the wax or polish dries, change bonnets again and use a clean one to remove excess coatings.



Hey! Think you’re finished? Now it’s time for your boat to have another coating. First coats are not really an assurance to bring out some remarkable shine. Take note, the entire second coat, should be done by hand to prevent so the buffer doesn’t remove much on the first coating as you apply the second coating.

Boats Maintenance Tips for You!

Boat Maintenance Tips for You!

To all our fellow boaters out there:

It has come to our attention that plenty of boats are not properly cared for. Remember that these boats are precious – lifelines to the marine world at sea. Without these boats, where would we be? Yes, exactly! Stuck in the land. Unlike most people, boats are man’s best friend.


So we’ve listed down some boat maintenance tips for you!

1) Wash it!

Just because boats are basically water transports, doesn’t mean they don’t need washing. If you boated in salt water, it’s a lot more important to wash it since the salt residue will corrode the metal, hardware, and gel coat of your boat. Make sure you use the right tools such as a brush and soap.


2) Change the Oil.

Know the schedule for when you need to oil your boat. It varies per model and engine type. You can either change it yourself or take it to the local dealer. It’s quite simple to change the oil in the boat, but if you are unsure as to how to do it, then just take it to the dealer! If you want to know how to change the oil yourself then check out the steps yourself or ask a fellow boater to teach you.


3) Gel Coat needs extra care

Usually, gel coats are hard and strong, but that doesn’t mean they are impenetrable. They need constant cleaning from stains, which if not properly cared for can be harder to remove. Be careful not to use cleaners that erode the gel coat. Marine boat wash is your best bet!


4) Check the bottoms

The bottom part of the boat sometimes doesn’t get enough washing so it’s important to remove slime. Remove scum lines and check the prop for any damages there.


5) Propellers checks

It’s important to constantly check the propellers and at regular interval should be removed to inspect if a fishing line or other things might have been stuck in the shaft. Inspect dents and chips. If any damage of that kind, no matter how small a dent is in the propeller then it must be taken to the shop. Make sure they are securely attached as well.

There you go! These are just basic tips for when you aren’t out in the open sea. It’s best to take a good look at that boat and see how it’s doing. The boat is definitely a beauty but it won’t be for long unless you take good care of it.

life jackets

It’s all about safety – Use the right Personal Flotation Device!

We always hear that from friends, fellow boaters, coastguards, and boating blogs like yours truly, and yet there are still plenty who don’t follow this rule. In 2017, the United States Coast Guard (USCG) Recreational Boating Statistics reported that 39 out of 54 people who died drowning were not wearing life jackets in the northeast. The year before that a total of 83% in all of America who died drowning were not wearing life jackets.

Now let’s just emphasize the last part – not wearing life jackets!

Taking safety precautions doesn’t make you any less of an adventurist. If any, it makes you a smart boater!

Choosing your PFD

When choosing your PFD, you need to make sure of the following:

  • PFD is appropriate for the location and activity of boating
  • PFD is the right size for you! You want one that’s buoyant enough to support you in the water
  • PFD is approved by the US Coast Guard

There are 5 types of PFDs that you can choose from. It is best to be familiar with each one so you know which is best for you!

  • Type I – It is used for rough waters, remote waters where rescue may take time to come. It also is known as an offshore life jacket


  • Type II – It is used for calm, inland or navigable waters of US where rescue can be immediate. It is also known as the near-shore buoyant vest.


  • Type III – It is also used for calm, inland waters, however, its difference with type II is that it wearers must put themselves in a face-up position. It is also known simply as a flotation aid.


  • Type IV – It is used for all kinds of waters but it is not designed to be worn. An example would be those donut-like flotation devices. It is also known as the device.


  • Type V – It is used for specific activities according to its label. It is also known as special use device.


Now that you know the different kinds of PFDs, choose one that suits you, the place and the activity. Remember PFDs saves lives! It’s that simple. Don’t risk your life. Wearing doesn’t make you less tough; it makes you wise.

Always bring PFDs when boating!

Boating Events

Boating Events

Have you ever wondered if there’s more to boating than the traditional things we know about it? Well, continue reading and find out some events that can actually take place in a boat. You might want to try these unique experiences yourself.

Boat Parties

If house parties sound cool to you. Boat parties are twice as cool. They’re much more easy and casual considering the fact you are in a boat. You’ll need guests to have a party and some activities that you can do. It doesn’t always have to be on the boat because remember there’s water around you. The important thing to remember is safety. Parties can get a little too carried away. Unlike home, it’s much more dangerous at sea.

Boat Weddings

Who would’ve thought people can actually get married on a boat. When it comes to weddings, we think of church bells, but in boat weddings, we hear waves instead. Well, it might have been a tradition for the medieval era but it certainly is not common today. I would definitely be more comfortable for guests considering they don’t have to look like they’re going to Oscar’s event but on a boat. One will definitely have the best view during marriage because you are at the open sea. You’ll definitely have the best wedding photos!

Boat Races

Boat races should definitely be on fast and furious too. Especially in Seattle, boat races are quite famous. Boating isn’t just a calm and relaxing activity. It can be just as exhilarating as bungee jumping. There is definitely speed in boats. In fact, the rush makes one feel like they’re flying as they glide through the water.

Boat Summits

Who says boating events are just for entertainment. Boats can hold summits and professional meetings. In fact, several summits have already taken place on a boat and reported to be quite unique and successful. In the boat, there isn’t much space to linger off and do your own thing. Hence, summits are much more successful because almost everyone can engage in conversations.


Those are just examples of the many events that can actually take place in a boat. So if you’re wondering if it’s worth to own a boat. Well, it definitely is since there’s obviously more than you can do in a boat than what you thought one could!

Boating Places

The best places to go boating

A successful boating trip depends on the right location. To have the picture perfect vacation, it’s important to choose the perfect spot! Save yourself the hassle of looking for that place and check out the list to see the best places to go boating. The following are arranged randomly:

1) Tampa, Florida

Florida is one of the best places to go boating, and Tampa is the state’s largest bay that’s suitable for boating, with exquisite rivers, ancient ruins, and beautiful islands. Tampa itself offers fantastic cuisines from different restaurants and fine hotels. Almost all boaters found it easy to navigate in this bay. The place is boat-lifestyle friendly with plenty of boating businesses that swarm near the docks.

 2) Austin, Texas

It is considered as one of the best lakes in the state. Famous not only as a boating site but for other activities as well. The economy is inclined to the outdoor lifestyle. Hence, there are plenty of boating businesses there. In most days, the lake is easily navigated.

3) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Did you ever dream of going to Venice? This city has the authentic Venetian seal on it – across and around the city are criss-cross canals and waterways. It’s considered to hold one of the world’s largest boat shows. Thus, boating is part of the lifestyle and livelihood of people.

4) Seattle, Washington

Boating is embedded in Seattle’s culture – boats of different shapes and sizes throng its lakes like no other city in the country has. In fact, the city holds boat celebrations – opening, parades, and sports. The boating culture is intricately weaved in the heart of the city’s heritage. The sceneries are a balanced mix of the urban industry, green islands, and mountains.

5) Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes are filled with scenic beauties. The lake is known to be clean and even potable enough for most residents. This is a perfect spot for fishing, especially during the summer. The livelihood of the community thrives on trout derbies.


These are just a few of the many scenic beauties open for boating. So go ahead and take a pick, ready your boat and start the trip!

Safety Items to Bring With You While Boating

Safety Items to Bring With You While Boating

Just like every other adventure, Boating presents certain dangers and risks. There are things one must bring to keep themselves safe and far harm’s way. So take a pen and a paper and list down the things that you might need.

1) Personal Flotation Device –

This definitely saves a life in times of emergency and catastrophe. Although one may be an expert swimmer, personal flotation devices help in helping boaters stay afloat if they fall into the water. These are commonly called PFDs. The kind and size of PFD will depend on the location and the person wearing it. A simple life vest may not be enough in extreme weather conditions in certain bodies of water.

2) Navigational and Communication Items –

This includes electronics and manual navigation items such as a compass, charts, GPS, cell phones and VHS radios. In times of emergency, the ability to communicate must be made efficient. Navigational items will help you calculate the quickest distance to land when needed.

3) Signal Tools –

An example would be whistles, horns, and flares. It’s not just a good idea. It’s required by law! So make sure these are present during one’s boating trips. These items help one in places where visibility is low. Flares are best for sending signals to a rescue vessel so it’s easier to identify one’s whereabouts.

4) Fire Extinguishers –

The boat may be in the water, doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it be on fire. Stay safe from fires while in the boat by having a fire extinguisher. These items are also required by law. Learn how to properly use one. Also, regularly check for its expiration date.

5) First Aid Kit –

Just like every other emergency whether on the boat or not, a first aid kit always comes in handy. Certain accidents may occur where the boat needs to land as soon as possible. Initial treatment must be administered immediately in any kind of accident but more so in these cases. So always have this well-maintained with all the essentials.

With all these items in the boat, together with all other packing essentials, one will feel safer and calm for their boating experience. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Preparing for the worst helps one be able to safely enjoy the journey.

Exciting activities to do while boating

5 Must Try Activities in Boating

Boating doesn’t get as much praise as it deserves. It easily falls to the sidelines on the list of fun things to do. However, boating should definitely be on people’s bucket list. To help people who haven’t experienced the fun that boating brings, here is a list of must-try activities in boating.

1) Have you ever heard of Wake Surfing?

Wake Surfing has gained popularity over several years. In fact, more boats are specially designed for this sport to create beautiful waves to surf. However, even if a boat may not have been built for it, don’t worry! Wake Suring isn’t limited to those kinds of boats.


2) Is fishing too boring?

If the answer is yes, go on ahead and try shark fishing. Find the perfect location. In fact, it’s quite common in America’s coastline. It might start a little quiet, but trust the shark to bite the bait. Once it does, you’re in for some great adventure. Just make sure you don’t get eaten.


3) Who said Boats can’t go underwater?

There is a whole new world in the deep. One less traveled by most boaters. Today, there are mini-submarines that allows one to explore the deep and discover the world beneath. There are tours all over the world that offer this activity. It brings unique satisfaction to almost be like living with the sea creatures.


4) Need for Speed?

Yes, it’s possible even on water, and it feels awfully fast. There are schools you might have to attend for speedboats for safety purposes. This, however, is a real adrenaline pumping adventure. Speeding on water is much different than it is on land. It feels almost like flying.


5) Looking for something simpler?

Say hello to Kayaks and Paddleboards. Nothing is like communing with nature without the knots, sails, and engines. In contrast to the high adventure activities, kayaks and paddle boards allow one momentary solitude. It is a beautiful experience that calms the senses within that helps to be one with nature.


After reading this post, hopefully, boating will be on everyone’s bucket list. There are plenty more activities that one can do. Experiment all you want! That’s a beauty of boating, one won’t run out of ideas when they’re out in the water.

Safety Tips on Sailing

Safety Tips on Sailing

The heart of every adventure lies in the balance of enjoyment and caution. The journey at sea provides both beauty and danger. Hence, every sailor must commit to knowledge basic safety rules to ensure successful sailing.

Before sailing:

·         Check local weather conditions from trustworthy sources, i.e. television and radio forecasts. It is best to know beforehand and gauge whether it’s better to stay off the water.

·         Study the local charts where one will be boating and plot the course ahead of time.

·         Use the safety checklist to ensure that all gear and equipment are fully functional.

·         Personal Flotation Devices should be made available to everyone boarding the boat.

·         Study the “Rules of the Road” to avoid collision accidents during the actual sailing.

·         Where possible, avail of the free vessel safety check from the coastguard.

During sailing:

·         Constantly check and be aware of mobile parts of the boat.

·         Keep the deck clean and the sails stowed safely.

·         Carefully coil and hang the lines to keep them from knots, loops, etc.

·         Use proper line handling. Never use any part of one’s body to wrap a line to. If one is using a line controlling-equipment, make sure it is functional and that one knows how to operate with it.

·         Avoid alcohol when sailing.

·         Ensure all physical needs such as hydration and protection from the heat of the sun.

·         Where at all possible, assign an assistant skipper to navigate in the case where a primary navigator is unable because of injury, etc.


Sailing provides a unique lens to discover and commune with nature. Every sailor experienced or new can sail with ease if they have committed to heart these basic safety rules. Each sailing moment will surely be a worthwhile endeavor to them. 

Best Ways to Indulge Yourself in Boating

Best Ways to Indulge Yourself in Boating

There are so many ways to relax and have a good time away from your day to day hectic schedules, to tiring commutes all the way to your workplace.Duh, it seems like you’re being intoxicated with all of those, too much is enough dear…There’s more to life you know, go on to a get-away trip, drive yourself into the most beautiful beach spots and consider boating!

But how to get fond with boating when you don’t have someone to guide you in making it as your own hobby!

Check out these smart options for you to enjoy your boating adventure:


You can find a boat club in nearby dock areas to access a number of boats. When you’re now fully registered as a member, you can pay for a monthly fee and be able to book anytime you want. Boat clubs commonly take care of docking, maintenance, and cleaning with members responsible for fuel. In addition, most of these boat clubs have training courses as part of your membership. So, it’s not only an exciting experience, it’s educating too!


On most waterways, rental options are always available on various boat types, whether it’s an hourly, daily, or weekly access. The rental personnel can offer tutorials on operating the boat with safety instructions and give suggestions on destinations.


You can explore new coastal waters and enjoy a grand boat trip with your friends and family. Choose some chartered offers like bareboat (no captain) or crewed (with captain and crew). Get on your feet and get wet!


You can take boating classes to hone your sailing, powerboating or watersports skills. Master some basics and enjoy the fun with some exciting deals!


It is much a treasured feeling when you now have a boat of your own. You can plan when and where you want to go, no hassle! Just determine your budget and carefully plan for what design of the boat that you’ll avail. Check out some trusted website platforms or salespersons that your friends can recommend for you.

5 U.S. Boat Shows for boat enthusiasts, You Need to Witness

5 U.S. Boat Shows, You Need to Witness

Boat shows are nothing but fun and exciting. Hence, most boat enthusiasts are hooked on them. Not only are they put up just to give a show, but also to make a way to gather boat enthusiasts and owners to see and experience the latest boat designs and models. It is held all over the U.S also to allow companies to exhibit the latest software and technology in marine accessories, electronics as well as gifts and apparel. In this blog, we’ll share with you the top 5 boat shows in the country that you need to witness.

Miami International Boat Show:

Mark your calendar at the 16th to 20th of February at Miami International Boat Show will grace and entice your eyes. One of the greatest boat shows in the world, it is considered as one of Florida’s huge events. Over 2,000 boat exhibitors and 3,000 boats are expected to come to offer everything from apparel, boats and more! Also expected during the Miami International Boat Shows are the powerboating classes which run from one to three hours tackling advanced docking skills and a lot more. You can try demo docks and sea trials to compare and talk with boat dealers to make sure you make the right decision.

Newport International Boat Show:

Conquering vast acres of Newport Harbor in Rhode Island, the Newport International Boat Show lets you relish everything the city has to offer. You will witness the unveiling of powerboats and sailboats. Attending educational seminars is also one of the perks. When the sun goes down, you can only expect the festivities to become more fun as you stroll the cobblestone streets, enjoy great finds in the different stores and boutiques and eat at the top restaurants to satisfy your cravings of almost all sorts of foods!

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show:

In the late October, head your way to Fort Lauderdale Florida and witness the large boat show yourself. Held in the world’s yachting capital, the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show is one of Florida’s most remarkable events you have to experience. Not to mention its longevity when it comes to boat shows of over 50 years. Yacht builders and designers are able to showcase their masterpieces. Even rare exotic cars are set to grace your eyes! Showcased during this event are over 18 different kinds of vessels such as high-performance catamarans, sport fishers, and super yachts in various locations. So, you can expect to find the right vessel for you. Who knows, right?

Atlanta Boat Show:

Settled in downtown Atlanta, Georgia, the Atlanta Boat Show is one you don’t want to miss out on. For more than 50 years, it has been one of the big events that have been gracing the boating scene. From sports cruisers to houseboats to fishing boats, the show is surely one for the books. Courses and seminars are also held for boat enthusiasts and future owners to engage into. Others are sailing simulator, interactive learning center and more.

World Championship Cardboard Boat Races:

Held in Herber Springs in Arkansas, the World Championship Cardboard Boat Races is set to ignite your enthusiasm for boats. For 26 years, the show continues to feed the interest of boat enthusiasts and owners. Contestants are challenged with their creativity and boat building skills. There will be a race for adults and children on a 200-yard course. Entries like USS trains, battleships, rockets, as well as the Starship Enterprise have always been present. Food eating contest, tug of war and the cardboard boat demolition derby are set to amuse everyone!

Finding the Right Crew Members for your Boat

Finding the Right Crew Members for your Boat

Finding the right crew to take care and manage your boat can be challenging. But failing to do so may make or break your dream vacation. Most boat owners do not only need to hire qualified and experienced crew members, but also candidates who can be the best match for their yacht as well as their personality.

So how to find the right match for the crew for your boat and your personality? Read on as we fill you in on some pointers.

Develop a clear job definition/description:

In order to find the right crew, you must first be clear about the role, job position, and required aptitude and skills of the candidate. It is best to be specific and detailed so that you will attract the fitting applicant. For instance, if you are going to cruise the Great Barrier Reef in three weeks in August, and you need a captain that can do the job, then it would be best to be stated by the time you post opening for it.

Assess experience level:

Experience is very important. Hence you will have to assess the experience level of the potential crew members in accordance with the job position itself, type of trip you will embark on, and the type of vessel. For instance, you would want to hire a captain who is familiar with a large boat ideal for the shallow waters of the Mediterranean. So, it obviously depends on the applicant’s experience and familiarization.

However, manage your expectations as not all crew members have gone or undertaken the exact same trip on the same type of vessel. You can find potential candidates who may have similar or comparable experience, and that is good enough. On the other hand, beginners also change the game as they can bring new energy, be very eager to learn and be enthusiastic towards a journey. Newcomers won’t tend to bring bad habits from previous voyages compared to some experienced ones and can sometimes become the right match for the captain.

Pay attention to the personality of Crew Members:

Consider your potential candidate’s personality. Often overlooked by most boat owners, personality needs to be checked as well before hiring your crew members. You should know what type of personality you want your boat to be embodied with. Do you like a crew who are capable of entertaining guests or the quiet ones who can be perfect for relaxation?

Remember that personality should be in accordance with how you brand your yacht and also with its tone. On the other hand, there are attributes which you wouldn’t like to encounter orse on your crew like dishonesty, and there are also those traits you find useful like the attention to details, ability to stay positive and pleasant even under pressure. Make sure that potential candidates have the potential to get along with and can be matched with the existing team as well.


Boats - First Time Boat Buyer Here are 4 Useful Tips

First Time Boat Buyer? Here are 4 Useful Tips

Are you a first-time boat buyer? Deciding to buy a boat is a big decision to make and choosing the best one that fits your taste is even hard to do. The various types of boats in various styles may overwhelm you, especially if you haven’t even owned one. Just to give you an overview, there are various types of boats you have to know about such as bowriders, cruisers, freshwater fishing boats, runabouts, sailboats, saltwater fishing boats, speed boats, trawlers, water sports boats etc. In this blog, we’ll fill you in on some tips you may find useful when you decide to take the big leap of buying your own boat.

Consider the boat type:

This is especially crucial, so ask yourself first what kind of boating you would like to do. Remember that boats are also specialized. If you fantasize about weekends with family and friends and day cruises for instance or water sports or fishing, etc. you’ll figure out what kind of watercraft will fit for you and your purpose. Think of these questions: Is it for entertaining guests with cocktails ‘til sunsets? Is it primarily for overnight cruising? Would your kids love to wakeboard and water-ski?

Ask for a test-drive of Boats and walk around:

Before committing to buy a new boat, make sure you see how the boat and its features work when in action in the water as well as how it looks inside. Hence the need for test-driving it. You usually get better ideas whether you like how it works, how it looks from the inside or it is the right watercraft for you.

Hire a surveyor:

Some first-time buyers would consider hiring a surveyor to make sure they’re choosing the right fit before the purchase. A surveyor will go with you when conducting a sea trial or a test-drive. If you choose to go with a surveyor, it would be better to have the boat hauled before the purchase to see how the boat works below the waterline.

Undergo training:

Sure there a lot of things first-time boat buyers should learn like driving the boat itself, understanding the wind, tides, waves as well as boat traffic etc. This, if you’ve secured a boat driver’s license already. If you’re more knowledgeable about boating and everything that has to do with it, it’s easier for you to choose what kind of boat to purchase. Most boat dealers offer in-depth tuition with any boat purchase if needed. Some do a one on one on-water training, show you how to launch etc.


4 Boat Party Ideas

4 Boat Party Ideas to Try on your Next Boat Trip

Do you think about your next boat adventure? You may be wondering how to make your boat gatherings more fun and exciting. That is exactly why we’re here! You can try to go out a bit of the ordinary or the usual grill or barbeque lunch while cruising the calm waters. So, here are four boat party ideas to try on your next boat trip with your squad. Try it and enjoy!

Karaoke craze: 

Nothing is more fun than singing your lungs out, listening to a friend singing horribly! So, bring out your swimsuit, put on your sunnies, apply your sunblock and gather your squad on your boat adventure and try karaoke craze while cruising. It sure is one of those things you’ll thank the technology for evolving. There are inexpensive electronics available today, and you can use your boat’s stereo and connect with an inexpensive battery-powered guitar amp and a microphone. An alternative would be a battery-powered kid’s karaoke machine.

Iron chef party: 

Inspired by the mechanics of the show, iron chef party will surely be a great idea to kick the weekend off! The campy cooking competition show features contestants bringing in their personally cooked dish, and the judges are asked to taste and rate the food to announce a winner. And you can do the same thing on your iron chef party too! Have your guests bring their best dish and let everyone rate the food in a secret ballot. Make sure you bring in some prizes for the winners.

Luau themed party: 

A luau night with your girls and guy friends on board will surely blow your blues away! Have you ever imagine your mates on a Hawaiian party shirt and the girls on luau skirt dancing and drinking the night away while on board? Then it’s the perfect time to try this luau night.

Pirate boat party: 

One word best describes a pirate party- fun! If you have fun at a luau night or iron chef party or karaoke craze, then expect a different level of fun in a pirate party. Imagine harmless pillaging, looting and general mayhem with your mates. Dress as one with an artificial parrot on your shoulder, don’t forget the eye patch (which by the way makes you look like a pirate), and pull off your pirate jokes! It will surely be another boating experience you’ll remember.

No matter what kind of boat party you decide to host, what’s important is you, and your guests enjoy it. But one thing you should do before hitting off your boat is to check everything with your Boatrax Box. In case you haven’t downloaded the app, make sure you do before the party and familiarize its features to track your boat’s performance effectively and efficiently.

How to Maintain Your Boats the Proper Way

How to Maintain Your Boat the Proper Way

Sure there are handful types of boats out there. But whether you own big or small, customized or basic, every boat needs proper maintenance. Every boat owners want their boat to be as clean and as organized as it needs to be, and some just love maintaining it for their satisfaction. Don’t you agree that it’s so satisfying to see your boat shines and sparkles like no other? So the question now is- are you maintaining your boat properly? For some, especially for first-time boat owners, it’s quite a challenge to maintain it to the extent that it screams neatness and coordination. But hold on! No need to worry about how you can maintain the sparkling boat. In this blog, we’ll share with you how some basic steps to maintain your boat the proper way.

Washing is a basic step:

Of course, washing is the basic step you have to do. But before washing, you have to be aware of what type of boat you have or at least what it is made of. There are several types such as fiberglass and gelcoat which needs regular cleaning, waxing and polishing for both cosmetic and protective purposes.

Change its oil:

Boats also need their oil to be changed regularly just like cars, especially those four-stroke outboards, inboards, and stern drive boats. However, the frequency of the oil change depends on what model is your boat. If you want to make sure, it is safe to change oil every 100 hours of operation and take it to change oil shops. But with the right tools, you can do the job by yourself. Make sure you have the following: an oil wrench, oil extractor pump, and enough rags. Just a tip: putting an absorbing pad under the engine, near the oil filter will help prevent your boat from getting messy oil.

Check boats propeller:

Boats like an outboard or stern drive need to get their propeller checked as part of a pre-launch routine. When off, check the propeller if it has any signs of damage like dents and nicks. A small mark of a dent will affect your boat’s performance and burn excessive fuel. You will also know that your propeller is damaged due to vibration which will put too much stress on seals and bearings which could lead to further damages.

Get the best boating solution:

Every boat sure needs the proper care- cleaning, waxing, or any sort of maintenance. Also, ensuring your boat a boating solution that’s accessible, convenient, and easy to use, is a big help in taking care of it. Maintaining its sparkle on the outside is important, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing how the entire system of your boat works. Getting the best boating solution Boatrax Box is surely a big help. It has the perfect mechanism to read everything your boat does and provides you important information about the performance of your boat’s engine and your boat as a whole.

Beautiful & luxurious Yacht

Top Luxury Yatchs

The making of the Eclipse Mega Yacht

Beautiful, luxurious, and grandiose are only a few words to describe the Eclipse. This 533-foot ship is the colossus of the seas. This monster is considered the biggest and the most expensive yacht that has ever been created in the world with a cost of almost $1.5 billion. There is nothing missing inside that city in the water; the interior of the Eclipse is designed to host 36 guests who can sleep within 18 rooms available on board. It is capable of carrying 70 crew members that will allow you to have the greatest and most luxurious experience to everybody while in the sea.

Accommodation & performance

This titan carries in it a 49-ft heated indoor pool with a mix of contemporary and relaxing outdoor styles that make this ship a wonderful place to lay back and spend a nice vacation. The most outstanding and most expensive feature on board is the high-security technology specifically designed for the Eclipse; it even has a special room that controls all CCTV in the yacht, an advanced anti-missile system and all windows are fully armored which makes this mega yacht the safest place in the world.

It’s possible to spend your holidays inside this yacht; if you are a millionaire, that is: the Eclipse can be rented for $1.6 million weekly. Why is it so expensive? Well to give you an idea, the Eclipse spends $25,000 in fuel on a 5-hour trip, and it requires maintenance of approximately $70 million annually. However, celebrities always have this giant booked for special events and social affairs.
Another great feature about this ship is that it has an advanced stabilization system that reduces the waving effect when navigating, producing a great comfort while in the sea. Its maximum speed can be up to 21.5 knots and it can carry up to about a million liters of fuel making this mega yacht the perfect marriage between luxury and great performance.
This remarkable piece of art, since it’s release date in 2010, won two awards at the World Super Yacht Awards 2011: “Best Displacement Motor Yacht” for its 3,000GT and above (approximately 85m+) and “Motor Yacht of the Year.”



533.14 ft / 162.5 m

Interior Designer

Terence Disdale


72.18 ft / 22 m

Cruising Speed

20 Knots


Blohm + Voss

Built | Refit

2010 | 2015

Gross Tonnage

13500 Tonnes

Top Speed

21 Knots

Exterior Designer

Terence Disdale




19.36 ft / 5.9 m

Boat - Choosing Oil for Your Boat

Choosing Oil for your Boat

Choosing your boat oil for could be hard if you don’t know what type is better for your ship. Fortunately, here are few steps that we have developed to help you decide what type of oil you need for your boat maintenance.
Recommendations can be usually found in the manual of the engine. In case you don’t have it, you could go online and download the requirements oil specs according to the make or model.
Before considering which boat oil you will use, you need to compare all types of lubricants to understand how blends are made and know how to select the one that matches your boat’s requirements:


Oils vary on their viscosity. You can find single weight oils like/such as SAE 30 or Multigrade oils like 20W40. The best place to find information about the oil’s viscosity your boat needs is in its manual, right on the oil changing section.

API Service class:

The engine manufactures will specify the API service class that means how the engine oil works under certain conditions. For a gasoline engine, you might have an SN requirement and in case of diesel engine, you could use a CJ-4 requirement. Whatever your oil API services is make sure that it meets the requirement from the manufacturer.

Petroleum or Synthetic blends for Boat:

Finally, traditional oils are made from petroleum but increasing number of oils are partly synthetics or even full synthetics. Synthetics oils prolonger engines life thanks to their advanced technology that controls the temperature during the process of combustion. Before deciding to change the oil type, make sure your manufacture specifications allows you to change it.

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When purchasing the oil for your boat, buy the same brand as your engines. Manufactures like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Evinrude, MerCruiser, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Volvo Penta, Yamaha and Yanmar have invested their benefits in running strong their engines and covering their factory warranty.


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Miami Boat Show 2017

What you can’t miss at the Progressive Miami Boat Show 2017

On President´s Day Weekend, The Miami Boat Show, known as one of the largest boat shows in Florida, will take place at 3501 Rickenbacker Causeway, Miami, FL 33149.

When is the Miami Boat Show?

Its premier day will be on February the 16th from 10am to 6pm. Those who attend on said day, will be the first to get to board more than 1,300 boats and shop 1,100 exhibitors from around the globe. The show will continue from February the 17th to February the 20th.

For the 2017 show, they will feature over 100 new luxury yachts, including dozens of debuts. Among the most recognized boat manufacturers are:

• Contender
• Everglades Boats
• Searay
• Riviera
• Marquis Yachts
• Marlow Yachts
• Prestige and many more.


VIP Boat show experience:

One of the new features incorporated includes a VIP experience which provides exclusive access to a private lounge located aboard an 111-foot luxury yacht amidst some of the biggest boats and yachts ever displayed at the show. The lounge will offer beverage and dining service, live music daily and an open-air sky deck among other services.

However, for those who choose not to join de VIP experience, will also get to enjoy the food and beverage stands provided by the show, featuring more than 150 options ranging from luxe to casual fare.

Parking and transportation at the Miami boat show 2017:

Also, this year the show includes more parking and transportation options. You can get to the show by land or water. Among the different transportation options are Water taxis, Shuttle Buses, and Miami-Dade Transit.

On the other hand, the parking options are: Downtown, American Airlines arena, Virginia Key and bicycle parking and special lanes.

Miami Boat Show 2017:

On-land activities:

The Miami Boat Show is also known for its on-land activities such as on-land boat simulator which consist in a simulated boat trip to practice boating skills such as docking, pivot turns, stopping and more. Alternatively, if you would like to receive professional and practical advice, you should head to Fred’s Shed Interactive Learning Center where you can learn what it takes to maintain, repair and upgrade your boat or engine.

On-water activities at the boat show:

In contrast, the on-water activities include demo docks and sea trials, where they will feature more than 150 boats for demonstration and sea trials. Not only will you be able to look but also to board various types of vessels such as powerboats, cruisers, sport fishing and many more.

Boating skills classes:

Also, if you are interested in improving your boating skills and learning new ones, you can opt for on-water boating skills classes. You will learn with practical hands-on instructions. All sessions are taught by USCG licensed captains who are professional, certified instructors. Advance registration is highly recommended. Same day registration will be available at the Discover Boating Registration Center during the show.
In addition to The Miami Boat Show, Strictly Sail Miami is returning to Miamarina at Bayside and displaying approximately 130 sailboats, seminars, and the newest sailing gear. Miami Boat Show visitors, can access Strictly Sail Miami by free water taxis or shuttle buses, running until 7 pm daily.

By the way…. Have you already tried Boatrax app? Check out the ultimate app for boat management: https://boatrax.com/download/

Holiday Boat Party

Holiday Boat Party Ideas. Where will you watch the fireworks?

A holiday boat party is always a must for boat lovers. Where else could a serious captain spend the holidays?

Here are several ideas for a fun December aboard your catamaran, yacht or fishing boat. Say goodbye to 2016 on your boat’s deck! Enjoy the best view of the fireworks, amongst your family, with your closest friends or at the best party.

Holiday Boat PartyFamily dinner on the deck. Check “sunset on a boat”, “dinner with family” and “happy holidays” off your list with a special dinner onboard your boat.







Holiday boat partyFront row seats for the fireworks. See all the pretty pyrotechnics from the best view and the most comfortable seats, surrounded by those you care about the most.







Holiday boat partyParty on your boat.
Are you looking for the best party scene to celebrate the holidays and receive the New Year? Set your sails for Ibiza, Bangkok, or Miami. When you own a boat, there’s no limit to the fun you can have.

What view would you prefer while you are saying goodbye to the passing year? And who would you like there with you?





Holiday boat party. This year’s last boating adventure:

Where will you anchor your boat on New Year’s Eve? Watch the light show with a full panoramic view on the spectacular, moonlit waters of Biscayne Bay in South Florida.

Why not do something spontaneous?

  • Plan your New Year’s Eve in Bangkok. A quick trip across the ocean will take you to one of the most impressive fireworks shows in the world.
  • The clubbing scene in Ibiza includes several boat parties with fun concepts, impressive routes, and different music genre. Take your own yacht or book tickets for all your friends aboard a cruise.

For someone with sturdy sea legs, everything is a lot more enjoyable on the water! Dancing to your favorite tunes, looking out to sea and the gorgeous coastline… does that sound good to you?

Plan your next boat party with Boatrax app.

Holiday Boat Party Ideas

Did you like these ideas for the Holidays and New Year’s Eve? Does that seem like a great finale for a wonderful year? Comment below if you have any other ideas for the holidays.


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Boat review EVO 43: 13 meters of sleekness

Minimalist design has been taken to the next level in the EVO 43 ’s 13 meters of sleekness.

The most breathtaking boat: EVO 43

The debut of EVO 43 left an important part of the United States’ high society wanting to see more. “Breathtaking” could be the best description we heard at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

Boat features

What’s so special about it? The first thing that strikes the eye is the modern, clean, lines that automatically make us think of the world of gran turismo sports cars, and the highest points of industrial design.

As functionality and aesthetics come together perfectly in this Italian day cruiser, it offers the perfect balance for those that only accept the highest standards of navigation and safety.

  • Fold away cleats, anchor and fender hooks for a completely clean deck.
  • Never set anchor. Let the stainless steel anchor do what it knows best: shine under the beaming sun and last for a lifetime.
  • House the control panel, wheel and all your high tech navigation electronics inside the teak panel helm station.

Our favorite innovation

Evo 43One touch of a button, from the comfort of your iPhone will command the Evo 43’s “XTensions ” to create 270 square feet terrace:

  • the perfect lounge,
  • sitting room,
  • diving platform
  • or sun deck for you and all your guests.



Bonomotion Evo 43
Photo courtesy of Bonomotion

Increase usable space in less than thirty seconds.





The “Transformer” built into EVO 43 Xtensionsthe sundeck
allows comfortable boarding or disembarking. Extend the platform to use it as a ladder so you can get back on board after swimming.

Dive off, too! Cannonball, anyone?



Want to see more? Check out this inside peek video + interview with the designers of EVO 43 made by Marine Video Production.

Look inside!

Inside and out the Evo 43 shines in all its splendor. Learn even more about it at the official website.


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