BAHAMAS: A Caribbean Getaway

After hours spent discussing boats and maritime gadgets at the Miami International Boat Show, It’s inevitable that we finally discuss one of the main reasons we invest in the details–the undeniable pleasure of roaming and conquering the ocean.

For Floridians, it’s not a matter of whether or not to venture out into open water, but rather where to begin. And who better to help us out than Richard Treco, X of Ministry of Tourism of the Bahamas. Lucky enough to bump into him at the show, we made sure to pick his brain about traveling out in the Bahama area.

When it comes to tropical allure, the Bahamas offers something for every kind of vessel, and every kind of adventure one can begin out on the open sea. For trips just off Miami, Treco recommends 2 hot spots: the Bahamas Gateway, just 16 nautical miles out, and Bimini, a mere 48 nautical miles off the coast, both popular due to their short runs and celestial waters.

For sailors, we seek journeys farther out there is the Exuma chain. “There is an island to visit for everyday of the year,” confirms Treco of the variety and size of the cays. Ranking them among his favorites, the district of over 360 islands is well known for its clear waters, coral reef, and record numbers of marlin, sailfish, and wahoo. Not to mention that the Exuma were said to have also been a favorite stash and hideout for the likes of pirates way back when. With so much to discover, it’s a wonder we’re not all headed towards these crisp blue Bahama waters.



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