Safety Tips on Sailing

The heart of every adventure lies in the balance of enjoyment and caution. The journey at sea provides both beauty and danger. Hence, every sailor must commit to knowledge basic safety rules to ensure successful sailing.

Before sailing:

·         Check local weather conditions from trustworthy sources, i.e. television and radio forecasts. It is best to know beforehand and gauge whether it’s better to stay off the water.

·         Study the local charts where one will be boating and plot the course ahead of time.

·         Use the safety checklist to ensure that all gear and equipment are fully functional.

·         Personal Flotation Devices should be made available to everyone boarding the boat.

·         Study the “Rules of the Road” to avoid collision accidents during the actual sailing.

·         Where possible, avail of the free vessel safety check from the coastguard.

During sailing:

·         Constantly check and be aware of mobile parts of the boat.

·         Keep the deck clean and the sails stowed safely.

·         Carefully coil and hang the lines to keep them from knots, loops, etc.

·         Use proper line handling. Never use any part of one’s body to wrap a line to. If one is using a line controlling-equipment, make sure it is functional and that one knows how to operate with it.

·         Avoid alcohol when sailing.

·         Ensure all physical needs such as hydration and protection from the heat of the sun.

·         Where at all possible, assign an assistant skipper to navigate in the case where a primary navigator is unable because of injury, etc.


Sailing provides a unique lens to discover and commune with nature. Every sailor experienced or new can sail with ease if they have committed to heart these basic safety rules. Each sailing moment will surely be a worthwhile endeavor to them. 

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