To all our fellow boaters out there:

It has come to our attention that plenty of boats are not properly cared for. Remember that these boats are precious – lifelines to the marine world at sea. Without these boats, where would we be? Yes, exactly! Stuck in the land. Unlike most people, boats are man’s best friend.


So we’ve listed down some boat maintenance tips for you!

1) Wash it!

Just because boats are basically water transports, doesn’t mean they don’t need washing. If you boated in salt water, it’s a lot more important to wash it since the salt residue will corrode the metal, hardware, and gel coat of your boat. Make sure you use the right tools such as a brush and soap.


2) Change the Oil.

Know the schedule for when you need to oil your boat. It varies per model and engine type. You can either change it yourself or take it to the local dealer. It’s quite simple to change the oil in the boat, but if you are unsure as to how to do it, then just take it to the dealer! If you want to know how to change the oil yourself then check out the steps yourself or ask a fellow boater to teach you.


3) Gel Coat needs extra care

Usually, gel coats are hard and strong, but that doesn’t mean they are impenetrable. They need constant cleaning from stains, which if not properly cared for can be harder to remove. Be careful not to use cleaners that erode the gel coat. Marine boat wash is your best bet!


4) Check the bottoms

The bottom part of the boat sometimes doesn’t get enough washing so it’s important to remove slime. Remove scum lines and check the prop for any damages there.


5) Propellers checks

It’s important to constantly check the propellers and at regular interval should be removed to inspect if a fishing line or other things might have been stuck in the shaft. Inspect dents and chips. If any damage of that kind, no matter how small a dent is in the propeller then it must be taken to the shop. Make sure they are securely attached as well.

There you go! These are just basic tips for when you aren’t out in the open sea. It’s best to take a good look at that boat and see how it’s doing. The boat is definitely a beauty but it won’t be for long unless you take good care of it.

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