Choosing your boat oil for could be hard if you don’t know what type is better for your ship. Fortunately, here are few steps that we have developed to help you decide what type of oil you need for your boat maintenance.
Recommendations can be usually found in the manual of the engine. In case you don’t have it, you could go online and download the requirements oil specs according to the make or model.
Before considering which boat oil you will use, you need to compare all types of lubricants to understand how blends are made and know how to select the one that matches your boat’s requirements:


Oils vary on their viscosity. You can find single weight oils like/such as SAE 30 or Multigrade oils like 20W40. The best place to find information about the oil’s viscosity your boat needs is in its manual, right on the oil changing section.

API Service class:

The engine manufactures will specify the API service class that means how the engine oil works under certain conditions. For a gasoline engine, you might have an SN requirement and in case of diesel engine, you could use a CJ-4 requirement. Whatever your oil API services is make sure that it meets the requirement from the manufacturer.

Petroleum or Synthetic blends for Boat:

Finally, traditional oils are made from petroleum but increasing number of oils are partly synthetics or even full synthetics. Synthetics oils prolonger engines life thanks to their advanced technology that controls the temperature during the process of combustion. Before deciding to change the oil type, make sure your manufacture specifications allows you to change it.

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When purchasing the oil for your boat, buy the same brand as your engines. Manufactures like Cummins, Detroit Diesel, Evinrude, MerCruiser, Suzuki, Tohatsu, Volvo Penta, Yamaha and Yanmar have invested their benefits in running strong their engines and covering their factory warranty.


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  1. Ashley Maxwell says:

    Cristopher, thanks for your comment about how you should the best oil for your type of boat. I like how you said that it should have the correct weight and viscosity for it too. My husband and I are considering getting new oil for our boat so it will work well when we take it out on the water.

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