Boatrax is the First & Only NMEA 2000 Certified Remote Monitoring Platform Enriching your Family's Safety Onboard

Here's how it works

1. Plug the Boatrax Brain into your boat's helm.

2.  Boatrax Telemetry transmits automatically via cellular network.

3. Access the status and readings of your boat every 10 seconds.

Monitor Systems & Get Real Time Alerts

Track your Boat with Certainty  

Peace of MInd for 

Your Boat & Family

Prevent theft of your boat, electronics & gear

  • Security Monitoring & Alerts

    • Motion Sensor

    • Canvas Snap Sensor

    • Magnetic Reed Switch (Hatch or Doorway)

  • Pair Security Sensor with an alarm

  • Arm/Disarm Options


A smart boat is the right choice

Request your installation certificate and send it to your insurance provider. 

Boat monitoring solutions can get you a discount on your policy and are accepted by most insurance providers.


Designed to be easily installed & simple to use

  • Simply connect device to network already in helm

  • Device ready for cellular connectivity

Boatrax keeps you informed with certified data

The Boatrax gateway collects boat data every 10 seconds to provide the most accurate and granular understanding of your boat on the market. Powerful data makes your boat a Smart Boat.

The 1st NMEA 2000 Remote Monitoring solution

Powerful insights 

Boatrax Brain Makes Your Boat Smarter

One of the things we are proudest of is what we are able to do with the data the Boatrax Brain and App collect. Not only do we make all of the data easy for you to track and read, but we also use the latest Ai technology to make your boat smarter. 

 We send predictive maintenance alerts, so you can take care of an issue before it even happens. We also help with preventative maintenance through our engine diagnosis that can easily be shared with your mechanics, ensuring that your boat is always running at top efficiency. 

 The Boatrax Brain is an incredible tool immediately after you install it. But, unlike most of the electronics, you add to your boat, the Boatrax Brain gets smarter the more you use it. Our proprietary algorithms learn from the way you operate your boat and adapt to make sure that it is always getting the most critical information when you need it most. 

 Our mission is to make everything about owning a boat better. 

 If you want the peace of mind that comes with always being connected to your boat, contact us to learn how you can get the Boatrax system for your boat.