Stop reacting to your vessels issues and become Proactive!

Boatrax automatically alerts you when your vessel metrics are not within their normal range. 

Get a mechanic onboard before maintenance issues become more expensive. 

TrACK YOUR boat at all times with the Boatrax Box


Your boat is your baby. Boatrax offers peace of mind by keeping a close eye on your vessels metrics .

Keep an eye on your engines

Boatrax logs all of your engines data points. Providing full transparency over the health of your engines. Making sure to alert you before problems become worse and more expensive to fix. You will also be able to see actual changes in your boats engines after service has been done.


  • High Water Alert
  • Spikes in Engine Temp & Oil Pressure
  • Battery
  • Bilge Pump
  • Open Hatch


Your new Boatrax box will record all of your vessels metrics from the moment it is installed. Providing you with a complete record of your boats health.

Storing all necessary information to negotiate your boats insurance.

This is The Boatrax Box

It allows you to follow your boat 24/7 from your computer or your mobile phone via cellular connection. When your boat is underway you can keep an eye on key metrics. While they are being recorded automatically so you can always go back and check on your trips performance. Information that becomes very usefull when negotiating with your insurance company.

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INSTALL the Boatrax BOX 

Once you have purchased The Box install it on your NMEA 2000 network in your boat and activate the device online.


Use the Boatrax mobile app to complete the configuration process.


Use the mobile app or our website to track your boat and check its current status.


Boatrax is simple to use yet it offers amazing advanced features to keep your boat turn key.

Realtime Location

Using your mobile or computer you can always keep an eye on the location of your boat, follow the speed of navigation and the heading of your vessel. 

Navigation Dashboard

Keep a close eye on your vessel. Follow RPM, oil pressure, water depth, engine temperature among others in realtime while your boat is rented.

Alerts and Logs

Receive alarms such as bilge pump, high water, open hatch, etc. It also keeps detailed logs of all the important metrics while you boat is in use.

Expense Log

Keep track of all expenses related to your boat including marina charges and parts 

Service Log

Keep track of when and what service has been done to your boat

Crew Members

Share information about the boat and the trip with co-owners, family members, or service providers

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*Offer valid until 10/31/2018

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