Boatrax Monthly Plan  

The Boatrax Brain pays for itself from day one. As soon as it is installed the Brain helps avoid catastrophic engine failures through preventive maintenance and most importantly, keeps you and your family safe while boating, which is priceless.

Pay Monthly

Boatrax Brain:

$37 / mo

Boatrax Telemetry:

$18 / mo


$55 / mo




Physical Dimensions

5.75in x 5.75in x 1.75in


3 lbs

Back-Up Battery

5500mAh Lithium polymer battery

Power Input

NMEA 2000


External Antenna 4G-LTE 

Digital Inputs

3 (3.3VDC)

Temperature Ratings

-40C to 85C

Digital Outputs

2 (5VDC)



Optional Features

Satellite Transponder

Operation Voltage

9-30 VDC

Power Consumption 

1W (normal operation) -3W (peak)

  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics – No more anxiety about your boat’s status

  • NMEA 2000 Compatible – The easiest electronics installation you’ve ever done

  • Unlimited alert notifications via email and app – Stay as informed as you want with no extra fees

  • Service Logs – Keep track of when and by who was service done

  • Geofence – Know where your boat is and be notified if it leaves a specific area

  • Battery Monitoring – Never be surprised again with a dead battery

  • Automatic logging – Leave the paper, pen and log behind. 

  • Complete Engine Metrics – Powerful data for an informed captain 

  • Unlimited real-time connectivity – More throttle at the same price

  • Automatic sync to cloud – Your data is always safe and accessible to you

  • Connect with your service provider – Avoid uncertainties when underway and have your technician log in to diagnose issues remotely

  • Sensor Compatible – We work with any NMEA or ON/OFF switch sensor you may already have onboard

How is the device powered?

Our device is powered directly through the NMEA network. 

Do I need technical knowledge to install?

No tech knowledge required! We built our device with you in mind. Simply plug and play into your boat’s NMEA network. No cable splicing, no headaches. Any questions - we are here to walk you through.

How do I connect other sensors that are not on NMEA?

To monitor a bilge or any other on/off digital sensor, all you need to do is connect the correct pins from the sensor array to the on/off system that you want to monitor. Any questions - we are here to help.

Where should I mount the device and does antenna placement matter?

In most boat’s the NMEA network can be found inside the main console and that is usually the best place for our device. Just make sure the antennas are far away from interference and that the GPS antenna is facing towards the sky for optimal performance. 


What is included with my purchase of the Boatrax device?

In the box you will receive: The Boatrax device, Cell antenna, GPS antenna, Sensor array, Installation Instructions. Download our free App and log into your account.


The device comes with a reset button. Simply insert the reset tool and make sure it clicks once. Wait 10 seconds and then click again to finish resetting the system.

The unit has three LED indicators. Power (Red), NMEA (Yellow), NET (Green). 

  • Red off means it may not be powered correctly. Please check all connections are secure and NMEA Tees are aligned. If the device is wired to draw power from the network then make sure the electronics or whichever breaker power the NMEA network has power. If everything looks good then proceed to reset the unit by clicking the reset button with a small paper clip twice. 
  • Yellow off means it is not getting any reading from the NMEA network. Proceed to check all connections are secure and NMEA Tees are aligned. Also make sure the NMEA network is powered (possibly through your electronics switch). If everything looks good, then proceed to reset the unit by clicking the reset button with a small paper clip twice.
  • Green if off means it has lost connectivity and most likely an antenna issue. Confirm the antenna is attached correctly to the cell port and is clear of any possible interference. If after a few minutes the unit does not come back online, then proceed to reset the unit by clicking the reset button with a small paper clip twice.

If after troubleshooting the problem still persists, please get in contact with our support team below.