Boatrax offers peace of mind while your boat is rented.


Keep an eye on your rented boat with the Boatrax Box

Our system allows you to keep track of your boat in realtime using your computer or mobile. It is not only about location, we track it all:


Using your mobile or computer you can always keep an eye on the location of your boat, follow the speed of navigation and the heading of your vessel. 

Navigation Dashboard

Keep a close eye on your vessel. Follow RPM, oil pressure, water depth, engine temperature among others in realtime while your boat is rented.

Alerts and Logs

Receive alarms when the bilge pump is on and keep a detailed log of all the important metrics while you boat is in use.

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This is The Boatrax Box

It allows you to follow your boat 24/7 from your computer or your mobile phone via cellular connection. When your boat is rented keep an eye on the key metrics. Did the renters run ground? Are navigating far from your geofence.

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  •  Automatic logging
  •  Historical data
  •  Geofencing
  •  Remote tracking
  •  Maintenance reports
  •  Secure cloud storage