SUperior Manufacturing

Boat Ownership Reimagined With Customer Success at the Forefront

Boatrax packages the intelligence from your customers’ real-time experiences including the service support they are receiving in order to give you the insights and tools to increase customer satisfaction.

  • Increase Profitability 
  • Long-Term Customer Relationship

Increase Your Revenue 

  • Launch Certified Pre-Owned program.

  • Manage Extended Warranty Services.

Enhance Your Warranty Process

  • Automated warranty registrations enable cost savings.

  • Regain over 1% of annual sales lost to improper warranty claims through data validation.

Cut Your Production Costs

  • Eliminate the production line requirement of compiling paper manuals during the ship building process with estimated savings of 25-60 hours per boat.

Effortlessly Enhance Brand Marketing

  • White label customer facing app keeps customers connected to your brand.

Unmatched Ownership Experience

  • Instant access to all critical systems, real-time location, engine performance and geofencing.

  • Comprehensive diagnostics: performance reports & organized trip logs with fuel consumption.

Boat Management Automated & Simplified

  • Reduced friction among customers-dealers-manufacturers.

  • Reduced guesswork in troubleshooting, preventing failures, and provides transparency for maintenance.

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