Boating and Fishing Week

Boating & Fishing Week Celebration

Boating season is here, mates! After long months of boat maintenance and repairing, summer is finally here. Wait no time to take your boat out to sea and enjoy all the activities you love. Whether it is skiing, snorkeling, fishing or just going out for a refreshing swim with family and friends, your boat is a sanctuary, a stress-relieving oasis.

release fish

Catch & Release 101

Catch and release is intended an as act of conservation. A practice of recreational fishing, caught fish are unhooked and returned to the water. However good the intention though, a mishandled fish can easily die of exhaustion or injury. A great deal of time has been spent on the refinement of techniques, awareness, and instruments […]

Fishing 101: Saltwater vs. Freshwater

Fishing 101: Saltwater vs. Freshwater Fishing is an ancient practice that dates back 40,000 years ago. A recreational pastime for many, this water sport is often divided up into two categories: freshwater and saltwater. Though the actual sport doesn’t change–they both require the use of bait, tackle and fishing gear–the specifics of each vary greatly […]