Increase the Resale Value of your Boat

Leave the pen and paper boat logs in the past! The Boatrax Box is installed on the boat and able to read and store all messages coming from the engine, devices and sensors connected to the boat’s network..


The Boatrax Box has the perfect mechanism to read everything your boat does. In the inside lives a modern computer designed to read messages like oil pressure, fuel consumption, rpm, location and running hours and transmit data in real time so you have a better grasp of your boat’s history.

With the Boatrax Box, we are bringing automatic tracking to your fingertips

Directly connect the device to your NMEA 2000 Network.

Securely transmit the boat’s data to the cloud.

Automatically log you engine stats and other electronics information.


Follow your boat's stats in real-time.

Go back in history and review the historical usage data of your boat.

Receive important alerts for potential malfunction and position of your boat.

Happy Boaters
Boat Trips
Boat Logs


Boatrax is a smart box installed on the boat and able to read and store all messages coming from the engine, devices, and sensors connected to the boat’s network. We’ve been able to interface with older engines that transmit data using older communication standards.


Connect Device

Install your device near the dashboard and connect it to the NMEA 2000 Backbone.


Configure it

Complete The Box’s configuration and activation using your mobile app.


Yay! Done.

Follow your boat’s information in real time using the mobile app and if at home, using our web interface.


Your boats historical data at your fingertips. With Boatrax you can now check how your boat was running for a specific period of time.


  • Trips & engine data tracker.
  • Alarm for spikes in data.
  • Fuel Consumption for a specific date.
  • Create Service & Expense Logs

News Feed

A place where you can keep up to date with what is going on in the industry

Boat Trips

A place where you can see all of your boats details for the trips you have taken

Service Logs

Keep track of every time service is done on your boat. and be able to look back on services made.

Crew Members

For co-owners and family members have the ability of sharing information when the boat goes on a trip. And for service providers to be able to see what is going happening on your boat.



Have one boat or are you the captain of various boats. Here is where you can see all the boats you’re associated with.

Boat Tracker

In this display, you will be able to see the real-time data of your boat. Including speed, position, RPMs and much more information.

Expense Logs

Keep track of all your expenses related to the boat. whether it is for marina charges or for parts.

Memory Book

Boat logs are not only about your boat data. It is also about the memories made, this is a place to keep your pictures and notes on a specific trip you took.


Got questions? We’ve got answers. If you have some other questions, feel free to send us an email to

Will the Boatrax Box work on my Boat?

The answer is almost always yes. If you have a boat that is a couple of years old all your electronics are probably running on nmea 2000 which is directly compatible. if your boat is older you can still use our box there would just be a need for an adaptor.

How does the real-time functionality work?

The real-time functionality allows you to see the location of your boat as well as its heading, Depth, RPM, Speed, Engine Temp, Oil pressure and battery status. You can see this while you are on board your boat or if your boat is being used and you are somewhere else.

Do you need technical knowledge to install this on your boat?

We do recommend you have your current technician install it on your boat. It is not a difficult installation and should not take much time. However, since you are dealing with electronics that are expensive it is always safer to have a professional install it.

What logs do you store? and why are they important?

We store everything that goes on with your engines, and devices automatically. As well as allow you to store any expenses and services done on your boat. The importance for keeping everything stores is to allow you to see when problems are occurring before they become too damaged and if you want to sell your boat having everything recorded helps increase the value of the boat.


We are a small group of inventors, engineers, programmers, and boat enthusiast from the different parts of the world on a mission.


Arturo Malave

Team Lead
Web Dev


David Villegas

Boat Captain
Digital Marketer


Michael Thompson

Product Dev
Electrical Eng.


Rod Salvador

Product Dev
Mechanical Eng.
Software Dev.

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