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"Imagine you had the power to know what's going on in your boat all the time without being there. Now imagine you also had the power to save your family from a risky accident or your boat from a costly repair. Stop imagining and let the Boatrax Brain liberate you of guesswork." 

 - Arturo, Co-Founder

Pre-Check In The Palm Of Your Hand


To monitor every 10 seconds the exact location, speed and heading of your boat. 

Battery Voltage

To remotely provide an accurate battery power level reading.

Transducer Warning

To remotely detect if your boat has run aground.

Fuel Indicator

To provide an accurate (not estimated) reading of the fuel onboard.


To let you know when your boat is not within a predefined location and to guard against theft.

Real-time Tracking

To see how engines are performing even if you are not onboard.

Lower Costs

Engine Status

To instantly see 26 engine indicators to ascertain status and predict maintenance.

Preventive Maintenance

To avoid costly engine failures and unexpected trip cancellations.

Hatch Alarms

To avoid inadvertent water damage.

Shore Power Status

To avoid damage due to interruption of shore power to your boat.

Bilge Pump

To remotely see pump’s operation in order to avoid potential costly water damage.

Keep Boating Fun

Keep Family & Friends Safe

Lower Management Costs

Here's How It Works

1. Plug the Boatrax Brain into your boat's helm.

2.  Boatrax Telemetry transmits automatically via cellular network. 

3. Access the status and readings of your boat in real-time.

Boatrax Pays For Itself From Day One

The Boatrax Brain pays for itself from day one. As soon as it is installed, the Brain helps avoid catastrophic engine failures through preventive maintenance and, most importantly, keeps you and your family safe while boating, which is priceless.

To help you get started quickly we offer you two easy plans: 

Pay Monthly

Boatrax Brain:

$37 / mo

Boatrax Telemetry:

$18 / mo


$55 / mo

Pay Boatrax Brain Upfront

Boatrax Brain:

$699 one-time 

Boatrax Telemetry:

$18 / mo

Due Now:


Easy To Install

Do it yourself

We provide free unlimited phone and video call support.

Our device includes an easy-to-follow installation manual.

Use a knowledgable installer 

We provide a list of certified partners for you to choose from.
Cost is typically $200.

Try It Free For 90 Days

Try it free for 90 days. We pay for shipping & handling. If you do not find that Boatrax is a value-added addition to your boat return it no questions asked within 90 days, and you will be billed nothing. But if you do love it and see the value to you and your family then simply keep the Boatrax Brain and we will bill you for month 4 onwards. Remember, you can always choose to buy your device and save money over the long term at any time. Make sure you select the monthly plan and use coupon code: Boatrax90 at checkout to receive the 90 days.

To Order or For More Information

Call our dedicated customer support team at  1-855-727-LOGS (5647)


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