Our remote boat monitoring system ensures that your boat is always ready to go.

MONITOR YOUR boat at all times with the Boatrax Box


We know that your boat is your baby, and a baby needs protection and love. Our boat monitoring system was created to improve the boating experience for boat owners like you. We make all the vessel's data available to to catch potential issues before they become to expensive to fix, making sure that your boat is always ready and you can spend more time on the water.


We have tailored a number of useful features to help you monitor your boat at anytime from your mobile or computer.

Realtime Location

Using your mobile or computer you can always keep an eye on the location of your boat. Follow in real-time the speed of navigation and the heading of your vessel. 

Navigation Dashboard

Keep a close eye on your boat's engines and more. Follow RPM, oil pressure, water depth, engine temperature among others in realtime while your boat is rented.

Alerts and Logs

Receive alarms such as bilge pump, high water, open hatch, etc. It also keeps detailed logs of all the important metrics while you boat is in use.

Expense Log

Keep track of all expenses related to your boat including marina charges, parts and inventory.

Service Log

Keep track of when and what service has been done to your boat.

Crew Members

Share information about the boat and trips with co-owners, family members, or service providers.

This is The Boatrax Box

Our logging device connects directly to your boat for 24/7 monitoring using your computer or mobile phone. Whether the vessel is transmitting data or not, all logs are being recorded automatically so you can always go back and check on your trips performance. Having all these logs available becomes very useful when negotiating with your insurance company, financing terms and even when you are reselling your boat.

For a limited time get the box for $500 and 12 months of subscription for free.  

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Co-Owning or sharing your boat?

If you are not the only one who uses your boat, Boatrax gives you piece of mind when you're not on board.

  • Keep detailed logs of maintenance costs and fuel.
  • Receive custom alarms for your boat's metrics. 
  • Keep track of key engine metrics from home.
  • Access to history logs for diagnostics and accountability. 

renting your boat to strangers?

The Boatrax Box transmits diagnostic data and location of your boat in real-time, so when it's rented, you're always in the know. Keeping a captains log of events has never been easier. Make sure anyone captaining your boat treats it with the same love you do.

  • RPM, engine temperature and oil pressure
  • Fuel Consumption
  • Boat location and speed
  • Water depth
  • Many more

save money

KEEP YOUR LOGS ORGANIZED with our free app

We have a way to organize your manual logs and, best of all, it's free! Keep detailed logs of all your  boating expenses including maintenance and fuel as well as all your boat trips creating your free account.


INSTALL the Boatrax BOX 

Once you have purchased The Box install it on your NMEA 2000 network in your boat and activate the device online.


Use the Boatrax mobile app to complete the configuration process.


Use the mobile app or our website to track your boat and check its current status.

Buy The Box today and save $200 and free subscription for 12 months.


*Offer valid until 10/31/2018


Your new Boatrax box will transmit your vessels location at all times so you can track it from the comfort of your home. 

Our monitoring system not only stores and saves the navigation data for every trip, it also gives you the flexibility of creating geofencing alerts for when your boat enters or leaves important geografic locations. 

Monitor engine and navigation metrics remotely

Keep a close eye on your boat with our Remote Helm. The Boatrax Box transmits all the data from your boat to your mobile or computer so you can follow your vessel's most important metrics in real time.


We've gone a long way to create and keep creating the best tool for boat owners. Our mission is to provide hassle free boating by reducing the total cost of ownership of your vessel. Check out our video to learn more about us.


We are offering 12 months of free subscription so you can enjoy Boatrax system starting today. At the end of the 12 months you will have to select a subscription plan that fits your needs.


for private boats


 per boat/month

  • up to 5 boats.
  • Unlimited real-time connectivity.
  • GPS location.
  • Engine data.
  • Unlimited alert notifications via email and mobile/web app.
  • Unlimited logs storage.
  • Unlimited users.


for rental companies


 per boat/month

  • more than 5 boats.
  • Unlimited real-time connectivity.
  • GPS location.
  • Engine data.
  • Unlimited alert notifications via email and mobile/web app.
  • Unlimited logs storage.
  • Unlimited users.

Buy The Box today and get free subscription for 12 months.


*Offer valid until 10/31/2018

Frequently asked questions

Although our device and apps are simple to use, we have a set of questions and answers that might help understand how to use and install our system. If you have any other question or feedback feel free to send us a message below.

Will the Boatrax Box work on my boat?
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How does the real-time functionality work?
What logs do you store? and why are they important?

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