Digital Boat Logging Protects Your Investment & Increases Your Boat’s Resale Value

Eliminate obsolete pen and paper boat logs. Find out in real time, where your boat is, how it is performing, and review the service history of your vessel.

Always Stay Connected to Your Boat

Boat logging is essential to properly maintain your boat and increasing its resale value. But, the days of pen and paper boat logging are over. You can only capture so much information on a log sheet, and you can’t learn anything about your boat until you manually review the log.

The Boatrax Box changes everything. You can now digitally track everything about your boat. Everything you used to manually record in a boat log is now automatically captured by the Boatrax Box and App.

Best of all, you can now track everything from oil pressure, fuel consumption, RPM, location, and running hours from anywhere. With the mobile app and the web-based app, you are always connected to your boat.

Easily connect your mobile device with your NMEA 2000 Network

Securely and automatically transmits boat’s data to the cloud
Automatically logs all of your engine stats and other critical electronics data
Follow your boat’s position and stats in real time
Review your boat’s historical data with one click.
Immediately receive important alerts about your boat’s position and potential malfunctions.

How Boatrax Works

Boatrax is a smart box that is able to read, store, and transmit all of the messages coming from the engine, devices, and sensors connected to your boat’s network. Think of it like the black box on an airplane. All the vital information about how, when, and where your boat is operating is recorded and transmitted by the Boatrax device. You can then securely access that information from anywhere in the world.

Boatrax Device


Install the Boatrax device near the dashboard and connect it to the NMEA 2000 Backbone.

Box Configuration


Use the Boatrax mobile app to complete the configuration process

Boatrax Interface


Use the mobile app or our website to track your boat and check its status

Boatrax Mobile App

With the mobile app, you have access to all of your vessel’s information at any time. The Boatrax App and Box give you complete control over your boat.


Automatic Logging



Historical Data

Real-Time Monitoring


GPS Breadcrumb Tracking

Alarm for spikes in data

Boatrax Boatlog

Benefits of the Boatrax System

Never worry about the status of your boat again. We help you keep it turnkey!

News Feed

Get the latest industry news in one place


Works great for keeping track of a single vessel or multiple boats. Easily keep your information organized for an entire fleet

Boating Trips

See all of the details about your boat for each trip you have taken

Boat Track

See your boat’s real-time data including speed, position, RPMs, and much more

Service Logs

Keep track of when and what service has been done to your boat

Expense Log

Keep track of all expenses related to your boat including marina charges and parts

Crew Members

Share information about the boat and the trip with co-owners, family members, or service providers

Memory Book

Boat logs are about more than just data. Keep notes and pictures about specific trips you took


Here are the answers to the questions we get most often. If you have more questions, send us an email and we will get right back to you.

Will the Boatrax Box work on my boat?

The answer is almost always yes. If your boat is a couple of years old, all of the electronics are most likely running on the NMEA 2000. Our system is directly compatible and easy to install. If your boat is a little older, you can still most likely use the Boatrax Box, you would just need an adaptor. Feel free to contact for more information.

Do you need technical knowledge to install the Boatrax Box on your boat?

We recommend that you have your technical install the Boatrax Box on your boat. It is not a difficult installation and often just takes a few minutes. However, because you are dealing with sensitive and expensive electronics, it is always safer to have a professional install it.

How does the real-time functionality work?

The Boatrax Box takes all the data and messages that are being created from your boat and transmits all of that information to our secure cloud system. With the mobile app or the website, you can see things like the location of the boat, heading, depth, RPM, speed, engine temp, oil pressure, and battery status. You can get all this information about your boat if you are onboard or if you are anywhere else the world.

What logs do you store? and why are they important?

Our system stores everything that goes on with your engines and devices automatically. You can also store any expenses and services relating to your boat. The importance of these logs is that it allows you and your service professionals to spot problems before they get too big and cause serious damage. They also help show how well you have taken care of your boat, which increases its resale value.

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