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Last updated: April 14, 2015

This Privacy Policy (hereinafter “Policy”) describes and governs how Boatster LLC d/b/a Boatrax (“Company”) obtains, treats, harnesses, analyzes and uses information that Users provide for purposes of creating User accounts, as well as how Users post and/or access boat performance information, boat statistics and boat trip invitations, photo sharing, and related information available through www.Boatrax.com as any related mobile or tablet application which draws information from that URL (hereinafter “the Website” or “Website”).

  1. Information Provided by Users:Each User understands and acknowledges that Company will require certain personal, private, financial and descriptive information to acquire, access, obtain, view, and/or retrieve the various information available and/or accessible via the Website. To ensure User information, including User account information can be verified, Company requires that information provided by Users to be complete, accurate and truthful. When creating a User Account, User concedes certain personal, private, financial and descriptive information, including the User’s name, physical address(es), email address(es), credit card information and other related data may be required from User to perform services through the Website. Company does not restrict its ability to collect and use personal, private, financial or descriptive information regarding to User’s address, geographic location, email address, username and password (collectively “Demographic Information”). Company reserves the right to use Demographic Information for purposes of its own marketing initiatives, including but not limited to service recommendations. Accordingly, all title and interest in this Demographic Information shall below solely to Company. User shall have no right or ability in law or equity to challenge Company’s use of this Demographic Information.
  2. Right to Monitor Use of Website:User hereby agrees and acknowledges that Company may record, monitor, access and review information about User’s use, activity, boat statistics, boat performance information, navigation information, position information, as well as any related data posted or accessible based upon functionality of the Website. This includes each User’s photos, boat information, boat statistics, boat performance information, GPS information, boat coordinates, as well as any related information exchanged via the Website (including with other Users). Company is also authorized to conduct any other review and analysis of such information, statistics, data, photos, and related trends regarding User.
  3. User Information and Content:User agrees that any content loaded and entered into or through the Website automatically becomes the sole and exclusive property of Company. User agrees to forgo any title, right or interest to any personal, private, financial, or descriptive information to engage in any auctioning or bidding for services.
  4. Rights of Use:If User submits personal, private, financial, or descriptive information to Company through Website, User agrees Company may use such information to operate, maintain and provide User the general features of the Website. Such right to use this information can further include, but is not limited to, creating various statistics as to the performance of the underlying boats, geographic information, performance data, and other information acquired via the Website. Moreover, Company may use User’s Demographic Information and other related information (including photographs) as identified above.
  5. Non-Personally Identifiable Information:User understand and agrees that Company may use User’s private, financial and descriptive information, including but not limited to Demographic Information, to improve the quality, design and functionality of the Website and how Company provides services. This shall include how Company creates promotions, services, tracking of the website’s performance, forecasting trends, etc. User agrees to allow Company to use cookies, clear gifs and other file information to store information so User will not have to reenter it during subsequent visits to Website.
  6. Publicly Available Content:User acknowledges that when creating a user account, as well as using, operating and downloading data on the Website, that some information about User’s account may be publicly accessible and provided to other Users of the website (including but not limited to public profile information). This may include information regarding the make, model, and general description of boats owned/used by User. User may choose to add personal information in operating and using the website that may be visible to others. User agrees and acknowledges that such information will be maintained as public.
  7. Choice to Decline:Each User has the right to decline to submit personal, private and financial information – including (but not limited to) Demographic Information, through the Website. However, in such a case, Company may not be able to provide certain services to User.
  8. Modification:Company may from time to time modify and/or amend this Policy without notice to User. Accordingly, User agrees and acknowledges that it is User’s duty and responsibility to monitor and check this policy from time-to-time.
  9. Jurisdiction and Venue:By creating a User account and proving Demographic Information to Company, User admits and agrees that the proper venue and jurisdiction for any dispute arising out of this Policy shall be the state or federal court in Miami-Dade County, Florida.
  10. Choice of Law:User agrees that this Policy was entered into in Florida such that only the laws of the state of Florida shall govern its construction and enforcement.


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