4 Boat Party Ideas to Try on your Next Boat Trip

Do you think about your next boat adventure? You may be wondering how to make your boat gatherings more fun and exciting. That is exactly why we’re here! You can try to go out a bit of the ordinary or the usual grill or barbeque lunch while cruising the calm waters. So, here are four boat party ideas to try on your next boat trip with your squad. Try it and enjoy!

Karaoke craze: 

Nothing is more fun than singing your lungs out, listening to a friend singing horribly! So, bring out your swimsuit, put on your sunnies, apply your sunblock and gather your squad on your boat adventure and try karaoke craze while cruising. It sure is one of those things you’ll thank the technology for evolving. There are inexpensive electronics available today, and you can use your boat’s stereo and connect with an inexpensive battery-powered guitar amp and a microphone. An alternative would be a battery-powered kid’s karaoke machine.

Iron chef party: 

Inspired by the mechanics of the show, iron chef party will surely be a great idea to kick the weekend off! The campy cooking competition show features contestants bringing in their personally cooked dish, and the judges are asked to taste and rate the food to announce a winner. And you can do the same thing on your iron chef party too! Have your guests bring their best dish and let everyone rate the food in a secret ballot. Make sure you bring in some prizes for the winners.

Luau themed party: 

A luau night with your girls and guy friends on board will surely blow your blues away! Have you ever imagine your mates on a Hawaiian party shirt and the girls on luau skirt dancing and drinking the night away while on board? Then it’s the perfect time to try this luau night.

Pirate boat party: 

One word best describes a pirate party- fun! If you have fun at a luau night or iron chef party or karaoke craze, then expect a different level of fun in a pirate party. Imagine harmless pillaging, looting and general mayhem with your mates. Dress as one with an artificial parrot on your shoulder, don’t forget the eye patch (which by the way makes you look like a pirate), and pull off your pirate jokes! It will surely be another boating experience you’ll remember.

No matter what kind of boat party you decide to host, what’s important is you, and your guests enjoy it. But one thing you should do before hitting off your boat is to check everything with your Boatrax Box. In case you haven’t downloaded the app, make sure you do before the party and familiarize its features to track your boat’s performance effectively and efficiently.

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