Avoid Costly Boat Repair! Basics of Boat Maintenance

Basics of Boat Maintenance can get tricky. How much do you know about your boat? You know you’ve got the best motor, but do you know how to take care of it? There’s a lot to do and even more to know when it comes to boat repair and maintenance. Are you aware of all the routine maintenance you should be giving your catamaran, sailboat or kayak?

No matter the size of the boat, if you don’t plan boat maintenance ahead of time, your boat bills will be twice what you should be paying. Don’t wait for the propeller to get damaged before you spend a little time and money on it.

Prevention is key when it comes to improving your boat’s performance and watching your wallet as well.

Boatrax asks: Should you DIY your boat maintenance?

There’s a lot of maintenance you can do yourself. Other parts of your boat might require an expert. So how do you know what you can DIY and when you should call an expert?

Minor repairs are easy to handle. They just require a little bit of elbow grease.

  1.  Removing oxidation is easier than you thought if you choose the right products.Boatrax Tip: Try the  Vertglas #1 Oxidation Remover for example. Simply apply it over the deteriorated surface and then start buffing away.
  2. Simple maintenance activities like washing your boat regularly with fresh water to remove the salt water can have a great (positive) impact on the repair bills. With adequate care, you won’t have to repaint your boat this year.Boatrax Tip: Find yourself a long-handled brush or a spray wand and get to scrubbing. Let your kids in on the fun, so washing your boat and having a water fight can be another fun activity to do together.
  3. Wood, steel or even fiberglass require upkeep. Make sure you know how to care for the specific materials your boat is made out of.Boatrax Tip: Fiberglass is the most durable material. But just because you know it’s sturdy doesn’t mean you won’t have to take care of it. Remember to buy the right waxes, polishes, and sealers in order to keep your boat all shiny, like brand new!


Boat repair expenses

When you are looking to reduce boat repair expenses, the smartest option is to invest in boat maintenance. Schedule an appointment with an expert. Ask all the questions you can and make sure you know what your boat requires.

DIY Boat maintenanceHow often should you change the propeller? Don’t improvise. Ask a professional!

Planning boat maintenance is part of being a responsible captain. You don’t want your motor to fail in the middle of nowhere, do you?

It’s also easier (and cheaper) to budget routine maintenance instead of sudden (“Surprise, mate, your propeller broke!”) boat repair bills.


Are you a responsible boat owner?

Boat lovers should be maintenance lovers too. If you are willing to throw a little elbow grease into it, keeping your boat looking like new is going to be cheaper. But you should be well aware that there are things you should call a professional for.

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