Black Friday. 4 tips to shop like a Captain

At Boatrax we are all about safety. And Black Friday shopping can be mayhem! That’s why we want to make sure you survive the madness AND get the best out of available deals.

Read our four tips for safe shopping on Black Friday and check out our suggestion of retailers you should keep your eye on if you are truly passionate about the boating lifestyle.

Captain, do you know how to make sure you get the most out of discount rate online shopping?

A serious Captain should know how to shop like a pro. Especially if that means the chance to upgrade your marine technology, increase your boating safety and take your boating lifestyle up a notch.

Boating + shopping like a pro.

Ready? We are going to get really serious about how to ensure shopping success this Friday the 25th of November.
If you are a pro boater you probably already do these four things really well:

  1. Prepare. As always, prepping is the key to success. Plan your purchases ahead of time. You know what your boat needs, check the websites of your favorite boat supply retailers. Sign up and create a wish list online to ensure you won’t leave anything out on Black Friday.
  2. Organize. Make sure you keep everything tidy and in order: include a wide variety of supplies, electronics, spare parts, and list them in order of importance. Separate the must haves from the whims.
  3. Budget. Some stores offer incredible discounts on Black Friday. You might be tempted to spend more than necessary. That’s why it’s important to set a budget and keep it! Buy what you really need so that your Black Friday online shopping allows you to buy what’s necessary for a bargain, instead of spending a lot on a bunch of stuff you will never use.
  4. Double-check everything. Check the return policies of every website. Even if you bought it on sale, if it doesn’t fit your boat you are going to want to return it. Do they have a money-back?


What should be on your must-have list this Black Friday?

Here’s a list of websites we should all keep our sights on.
Get the chartplotter you have been waiting all year for.
Sonar anyone? Get all the gear to go fishing like a pro.
Take your boating up a notch with snorkeling gear, cutting-edge marine electronics or Men’s Fowl Weather Chukka Boots. What do you need this year?


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