Boating & Fishing Week Celebration

Boating season is here, mates! After long months of boat maintenance and repairing, summer is finally here. Wait no time to take your boat out to sea and enjoy all the activities you love. Whether it is skiing, snorkeling, fishing or just going out for a refreshing swim with family and friends, your boat is a sanctuary, a stress-relieving oasis.

At this point I am sure you have done your spring maintenance, and your boat is back in the water and ready for action and fun. Here are some fun facts and four reasons why going out boating this summer is a must:

  • Connect with family and friends: Fishing is a great way for friends and family members of all ages to connect and have fun.
  • Connect with nature: 90% of Americans live within an hour of navigable waters and the activities that we all love. Take the chance to invite your nearby friends and family to connect with nature.
  • De-stress: Boating is ranked as one of the top 3 activities to relieve stress.
  • Help Conserve: The funds paid for fishing licenses and boat registrations are used towards the conservation of natural and aquatic areas.

It is awesome to start the season with a celebration. During National Fishing and Boating week most states offer free fishing days. These are days where fishermen can enjoy fishing on public bodies of water without a fishing license. Check out your state’s free fishing days here and start honoring the new season.

It is time to plan your trips and invite friends and family to spend quality time in the sea. Enjoy and live every moment onboard but remember to be safe out there. Share your experiences with us! We like to hear all about your outing adventures and the places you like to see.

Happy Boating!

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