Contender: One-of a-kind-creation

Armed this year with a comprehensive fleet, the Contender team took some time to speak with us at the Miami International Boat Show in Miami Beach this February. Displaying an impressive model range of boats, the brand is well known for it’s dedication for testing and incorporating the latest technology in the construction of their boats, vessels that are destined to not only ‘win tournaments’ but ‘plow through 5 foot swells’ while they do it.

With just 25 years in business, Contender has made a name for themselves in sport fishing evolving from the original hull design of the classic 25’ to the sophisticated power and performance of present day tournament winners.

Having moved away from mass production, Contender prides itself on two distinguishing points in the industry. First, Contender guarantees that every boat is a one-of a-kind-creation, made with a ‘hands on’ building philosophy as the foundation of the business. The second is the dedication to technology that is obvious in its implementation of the newest and best materials and components, as mentioned in the short interview above.

The latest in fiberglass, resin, gelcoats, brought together to form a structural integrity, never compromising required weight, speed, or fuel efficiency.

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