Finding the Right Crew Members for your Boat

Finding the right crew to take care and manage your boat can be challenging. But failing to do so may make or break your dream vacation. Most boat owners do not only need to hire qualified and experienced crew members, but also candidates who can be the best match for their yacht as well as their personality.

So how to find the right match for the crew for your boat and your personality? Read on as we fill you in on some pointers.

Develop a clear job definition/description:

In order to find the right crew, you must first be clear about the role, job position, and required aptitude and skills of the candidate. It is best to be specific and detailed so that you will attract the fitting applicant. For instance, if you are going to cruise the Great Barrier Reef in three weeks in August, and you need a captain that can do the job, then it would be best to be stated by the time you post opening for it.

Assess experience level:

Experience is very important. Hence you will have to assess the experience level of the potential crew members in accordance with the job position itself, type of trip you will embark on, and the type of vessel. For instance, you would want to hire a captain who is familiar with a large boat ideal for the shallow waters of the Mediterranean. So, it obviously depends on the applicant’s experience and familiarization.

However, manage your expectations as not all crew members have gone or undertaken the exact same trip on the same type of vessel. You can find potential candidates who may have similar or comparable experience, and that is good enough. On the other hand, beginners also change the game as they can bring new energy, be very eager to learn and be enthusiastic towards a journey. Newcomers won’t tend to bring bad habits from previous voyages compared to some experienced ones and can sometimes become the right match for the captain.

Pay attention to the personality of Crew Members:

Consider your potential candidate’s personality. Often overlooked by most boat owners, personality needs to be checked as well before hiring your crew members. You should know what type of personality you want your boat to be embodied with. Do you like a crew who are capable of entertaining guests or the quiet ones who can be perfect for relaxation?

Remember that personality should be in accordance with how you brand your yacht and also with its tone. On the other hand, there are attributes which you wouldn’t like to encounter orse on your crew like dishonesty, and there are also those traits you find useful like the attention to details, ability to stay positive and pleasant even under pressure. Make sure that potential candidates have the potential to get along with and can be matched with the existing team as well.


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