First Time Boat Buyer? Here are 4 Useful Tips

Are you a first-time boat buyer? Deciding to buy a boat is a big decision to make and choosing the best one that fits your taste is even hard to do. The various types of boats in various styles may overwhelm you, especially if you haven’t even owned one. Just to give you an overview, there are various types of boats you have to know about such as bowriders, cruisers, freshwater fishing boats, runabouts, sailboats, saltwater fishing boats, speed boats, trawlers, water sports boats etc. In this blog, we’ll fill you in on some tips you may find useful when you decide to take the big leap of buying your own boat.

Consider the boat type:

This is especially crucial, so ask yourself first what kind of boating you would like to do. Remember that boats are also specialized. If you fantasize about weekends with family and friends and day cruises for instance or water sports or fishing, etc. you’ll figure out what kind of watercraft will fit for you and your purpose. Think of these questions: Is it for entertaining guests with cocktails ‘til sunsets? Is it primarily for overnight cruising? Would your kids love to wakeboard and water-ski?

Ask for a test-drive of Boats and walk around:

Before committing to buy a new boat, make sure you see how the boat and its features work when in action in the water as well as how it looks inside. Hence the need for test-driving it. You usually get better ideas whether you like how it works, how it looks from the inside or it is the right watercraft for you.

Hire a surveyor:

Some first-time buyers would consider hiring a surveyor to make sure they’re choosing the right fit before the purchase. A surveyor will go with you when conducting a sea trial or a test-drive. If you choose to go with a surveyor, it would be better to have the boat hauled before the purchase to see how the boat works below the waterline.

Undergo training:

Sure there a lot of things first-time boat buyers should learn like driving the boat itself, understanding the wind, tides, waves as well as boat traffic etc. This, if you’ve secured a boat driver’s license already. If you’re more knowledgeable about boating and everything that has to do with it, it’s easier for you to choose what kind of boat to purchase. Most boat dealers offer in-depth tuition with any boat purchase if needed. Some do a one on one on-water training, show you how to launch etc.


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