Holiday Boat Party Ideas. Where will you watch the fireworks?

A holiday boat party is always a must for boat lovers. Where else could a serious captain spend the holidays?

Here are several ideas for a fun December aboard your catamaran, yacht or fishing boat. Say goodbye to 2016 on your boat’s deck! Enjoy the best view of the fireworks, amongst your family, with your closest friends or at the best party.

Holiday Boat PartyFamily dinner on the deck. Check “sunset on a boat”, “dinner with family” and “happy holidays” off your list with a special dinner onboard your boat.







Holiday boat partyFront row seats for the fireworks. See all the pretty pyrotechnics from the best view and the most comfortable seats, surrounded by those you care about the most.







Holiday boat partyParty on your boat.
Are you looking for the best party scene to celebrate the holidays and receive the New Year? Set your sails for Ibiza, Bangkok, or Miami. When you own a boat, there’s no limit to the fun you can have.

What view would you prefer while you are saying goodbye to the passing year? And who would you like there with you?





Holiday boat party. This year’s last boating adventure:

Where will you anchor your boat on New Year’s Eve? Watch the light show with a full panoramic view on the spectacular, moonlit waters of Biscayne Bay in South Florida.

Why not do something spontaneous?

  • Plan your New Year’s Eve in Bangkok. A quick trip across the ocean will take you to one of the most impressive fireworks shows in the world.
  • The clubbing scene in Ibiza includes several boat parties with fun concepts, impressive routes, and different music genre. Take your own yacht or book tickets for all your friends aboard a cruise.

For someone with sturdy sea legs, everything is a lot more enjoyable on the water! Dancing to your favorite tunes, looking out to sea and the gorgeous coastline… does that sound good to you?

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Holiday Boat Party Ideas

Did you like these ideas for the Holidays and New Year’s Eve? Does that seem like a great finale for a wonderful year? Comment below if you have any other ideas for the holidays.


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