How To Keep Your Boat Young

Boats are exposed to all kinds of wearing conditions whether they are out on the water or in storage. There are basic tricks to keeping your boat in mint condition, check them out:


  • Wax. Applying coats of wax on a seasonal basis will protect it significantly. It’s recommended that boat owners use boat soaps containing carnauba wax after every outing to maintain shine.
  • Avoid certain areas such as the engine’s cowl. Many tend to sit on it, or scratch it against a dock. This kind of wearing and scuffing makes things look aged instantly, so try to be fairly careful with these particular details.


  • One of the greatest ways to keep something looking fresh and updated without spending a lot of money is constantly replacing small details that show signs of wearing. Your boat will benefit from keeping its canvas, rubrails, clear plastics, vinyl, and cushions in pristine quality.


  • Your boat’s deck will usually be true to age, but one way to defy the aging process will be by coating the deck with a liner. If you do a good job about finding the right brand and product, you might end up discovering a finish that you like more than the original.
  • Reduce the use of cleaners, especially bleach based products and ammonia-based glass cleaners, which dull plastics over time.
  • Other products to look into include colored gel coats and stain removers. 


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