How to Maintain Your Boat the Proper Way

Sure there are handful types of boats out there. But whether you own big or small, customized or basic, every boat needs proper maintenance. Every boat owners want their boat to be as clean and as organized as it needs to be, and some just love maintaining it for their satisfaction. Don’t you agree that it’s so satisfying to see your boat shines and sparkles like no other? So the question now is- are you maintaining your boat properly? For some, especially for first-time boat owners, it’s quite a challenge to maintain it to the extent that it screams neatness and coordination. But hold on! No need to worry about how you can maintain the sparkling boat. In this blog, we’ll share with you how some basic steps to maintain your boat the proper way.

Washing is a basic step:

Of course, washing is the basic step you have to do. But before washing, you have to be aware of what type of boat you have or at least what it is made of. There are several types such as fiberglass and gelcoat which needs regular cleaning, waxing and polishing for both cosmetic and protective purposes.

Change its oil:

Boats also need their oil to be changed regularly just like cars, especially those four-stroke outboards, inboards, and stern drive boats. However, the frequency of the oil change depends on what model is your boat. If you want to make sure, it is safe to change oil every 100 hours of operation and take it to change oil shops. But with the right tools, you can do the job by yourself. Make sure you have the following: an oil wrench, oil extractor pump, and enough rags. Just a tip: putting an absorbing pad under the engine, near the oil filter will help prevent your boat from getting messy oil.

Check boats propeller:

Boats like an outboard or stern drive need to get their propeller checked as part of a pre-launch routine. When off, check the propeller if it has any signs of damage like dents and nicks. A small mark of a dent will affect your boat’s performance and burn excessive fuel. You will also know that your propeller is damaged due to vibration which will put too much stress on seals and bearings which could lead to further damages.

Get the best boating solution:

Every boat sure needs the proper care- cleaning, waxing, or any sort of maintenance. Also, ensuring your boat a boating solution that’s accessible, convenient, and easy to use, is a big help in taking care of it. Maintaining its sparkle on the outside is important, but nothing beats the feeling of knowing how the entire system of your boat works. Getting the best boating solution Boatrax Box is surely a big help. It has the perfect mechanism to read everything your boat does and provides you important information about the performance of your boat’s engine and your boat as a whole.