Hydra Sports: The Bullet proof boat

With just about forty years in the making, Hydra Sports Custom brings its experience in boat living and building to bring you a design like no other.

 The Hydra Sports boats, also known as the “Bullet proof boat” are well-known for quite a few things:  the first offshore hull to use Kevlar, the first center consoles to fish against the traditional sport fish inboard boats in the offshore tournament circuits, and lately the first with high horsepower ratings and huge fuel capacities to be coast guard approved. Extremely secure as their structure does not only include Kevlar, but it sandwiches between a layer of fiberglass, securing the condition of the boat should you ever hit something.

After contacting the Navy, Hydra Sports were able to acquire the research that allowed them to re-apply on their boats for ideal weight, form, etc. “If there is a problem, we’ll send one of ours guys. You deal with us directly,” confirms the representative at the Miami International Boat Show regarding Hydra Sport’s high quality customer service experience.

Self proclaimed as, “The best ride on the water,” the last few years have brought a great deal of changed as the brand has focused on bringing comfort to the fisherman, not just their bait. With a new focus on “styling, dive doors and the sleek look of our current models,” the result of this shift is easy to see.

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