Onboard Kitchen Gadgets

Sometime after you purchased your boat, you came to the realization that you had to equip a kitchen once again. It’s a whole new world out there and you want to be prepared for all entertaining and food prep situations. It’s important that you know some of the kitchen tricks that will be handy once you’re out there, here are just a few:

  • Hanging Baskets & Mesh Hammocks: Given the limited space that owners have to deal with, a hanging basket can come in handy for many of those tender goods that can get bruised or “squashed” easily in tight spaces. A nice little trick that some boat owners use is tying down the tiered basket to the sink faucet to keep it from swinging or moving around too much!
  • Nonskid Materials: A neat upgrade that you can give your kitchen is covering a lot of that open as well as drawer space with non-skid shelf liners. This will not only prevent from things moving around and brushing up on each other, but will also allow for things to be a lot quieter down below.
  • Insulated Bags & Cups: Insulated products are a big help, the best way to put it–“They keep cold things cold, and hot things hot,” which is a big help when you’re out on a boat or in any outdoor situation. In addition to that, moving around with these products, be in home to boat or boat to boat, makes the process easier, while it conserves the items inside and the original temperatures. This also applies to insulated mugs and glasses as well.
  • Sponges and Towels: Instead of paper towels, many boat owners tend to use wash cloths as they do not require disposal and can be cleaned and dried easily. Towels and sponges can do a great deal of cleaning throughout the kitchen and cockpit and can later be cleaned in the sink and set out to dry. Yes, they do get a little worn and smelly over time, but due to the low cost, you can replace them easily.

Make a note of these products and check out spacing and storage on your boat. Next time you’re out shopping, check out these products and see which of these would work best for you! They’ll make a difference!


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