Pontoon Boats

A pontoon boat is a flattish boat usually used for pleasure boating and fishing at a lower cost due to their capacity and are cheaper to insure and equip. Invented in 1952, the raft-like vessel relies on pontoons to stay afloat as it supports the platform. These boats are best for ponds, lakes, rivers, and seas during smooth weather. Smooth weather is required as these particular models are susceptible to waves and windy conditions to their weight.

A recent post in Boating Magazine claims that ‘today’s pontoon boat models rival fiberglass boats in handling and exceed them in capacity.’ Quite a bit claim, but noteworthy as technology is allowing for this simpler, cheaper boat to up its game. Advancements such as fiberglass components have changed the game for these once simple ‘deck boats.’

Furthermore, some of the models to note for this year are:

  • Bennington 2372 RCW Windscreen Sport Arch. Its wraparound windscreen fuses styles uniting a pontoon and a sporty runabout.
  • Cypress Cay Cambio 200: This new model is lighter for those who frequent trailers, offering a simple, straightforward layout.
  • G3 SunCatcher V322 GT: A neater, more luxurious model for the market, and is well known for reselling at a good price.

With more space and flexibility than your average boat, the pontoon proves that there is no one way to get out on the water that we thought!


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