Safely Cruising With the Kids

Getting out on the water with the family can be fun, but as most things go making sure that the experience is a safe one for the little guys is definitely one of the most important things to check off before a family adventure out on the water.

  1.  Kids having fun at seaLifejackets: Any and all children present should know how to properly wear a lifejacket. You can play around with it before you head out of the dock. Make it fun and get them excited about it. All children under 12 should be wearing it when out of the water.


  2. Games: Much like getting them enthused about their life jackets make sure to create a water safety plan for your family as well. Anything that will help your family recognize the signs of someone struggling in the water will come in handy in any type of emergency.


  3. Floating: Teach your kids how to float! Again, something that can be made extremely fun and will be a useful trick for them to know.


  4. Education: Educating your kids on what to do when things go wrong is also one of the best bets you’ll have. Giving them the information they need will make them all the more comfortable in the water and that will make the experience all the better.

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