Safety Items to Bring With You While Boating

Just like every other adventure, Boating presents certain dangers and risks. There are things one must bring to keep themselves safe and far harm’s way. So take a pen and a paper and list down the things that you might need.

1) Personal Flotation Device –

This definitely saves a life in times of emergency and catastrophe. Although one may be an expert swimmer, personal flotation devices help in helping boaters stay afloat if they fall into the water. These are commonly called PFDs. The kind and size of PFD will depend on the location and the person wearing it. A simple life vest may not be enough in extreme weather conditions in certain bodies of water.

2) Navigational and Communication Items –

This includes electronics and manual navigation items such as a compass, charts, GPS, cell phones and VHS radios. In times of emergency, the ability to communicate must be made efficient. Navigational items will help you calculate the quickest distance to land when needed.

3) Signal Tools –

An example would be whistles, horns, and flares. It’s not just a good idea. It’s required by law! So make sure these are present during one’s boating trips. These items help one in places where visibility is low. Flares are best for sending signals to a rescue vessel so it’s easier to identify one’s whereabouts.

4) Fire Extinguishers –

The boat may be in the water, doesn’t mean it’s impossible for it be on fire. Stay safe from fires while in the boat by having a fire extinguisher. These items are also required by law. Learn how to properly use one. Also, regularly check for its expiration date.

5) First Aid Kit –

Just like every other emergency whether on the boat or not, a first aid kit always comes in handy. Certain accidents may occur where the boat needs to land as soon as possible. Initial treatment must be administered immediately in any kind of accident but more so in these cases. So always have this well-maintained with all the essentials.

With all these items in the boat, together with all other packing essentials, one will feel safer and calm for their boating experience. It is always better to be safe than to be sorry. Preparing for the worst helps one be able to safely enjoy the journey.

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