Sailing in the olden days: Not for the faint of heart

Centuries ago, taking to the sea required a special kind of courage and skill not everyone possessed. Getting onto your ship and setting sails towards unexplored waters, not knowing if you would return, was quite the task for brave sailors around the world. In old maps and navigation charts, unexplored and possibly dangerous waters were marked with the legend "Hic Sunt Dracones", which is a Latin phrase that translates to "Here there be dragons".

These dangerous waters were marked with drawings of monsters and sea serpents to warn sailors about their possible demise, should they adventure that far into the ocean. And it was logical to think about demise: after all, these men counted with very limited navigation tools, which is why they tended to register everything about their journals in their navigation logs.

Fortunately for you, and all modern boaters, Boatrax has The Box, to turn your boat into a #smartboat and aid you in recording your logs for you! You can detect malfunctions on your ship before they even come up, and without boarding your vessel! You can track your boat at any time, set an expenses log, and even share information about the vessel and its trips with your crew! All form the palm of your hand with our free app.

Take onto the sea, and be the terror of any sea serpent you might encounter!

Safe trips!
Captain D