Senior Citizen’s Day, celebrate with the family

Recreational Boating: a family adventure

Recreational boating has always been a family favorite. At least in Florida it has a great reputation as one of the most popular recreational activities. No matter what size the boat is, there’s something magical about floating atop the soft waves of the mighty ocean while chatting with the people you love.

So here’s an idea: if you are lucky enough to have a grandpa with sturdy sea legs, take him out on the water this Sunday the 21st of August and celebrate Senior Citizen’s Day with a splash!

Captain, your grandparents love you to pieces, their advice is priceless. You know that, right? Have you thank them recently? Yes, they are a true treasure. Your grandparents are always willing to share all their years of experience with you in order to guide your little tugboat through life’s most treacherous currents. Did you like our boating metaphor?

If you don’t own a boat yet, consider renting one. Let the sun shine on grandpa’s face. It’s probably been a while since grandpa had the opportunity to really enjoy the early morning rays of sun while fishing and smoking a cuban cigar. Ok, maybe the cigar should be out of the picture (we’ve gotta care for his health, you know) but as long as there’s a boat involved, the recreational boating experience will surely be a delightful memory the whole family will cherish.

And what about grandma? Take her on board too! She will love feeling the wind on her face and spending quality time with her grandchildren. Make sure she brings her world famous chocolate chip cookies or blueberry pie to keep everyone’s belly happy.

Schedule your boat trip on Boatrax and remember to take lot’s of pictures and share then on Boatrax! We want to see grandpa in his captain’s attire and grandma with her stylish sunglasses while having lots of fun with the family.

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