So You Want to Buy a Boat Cover…

Regardless of where you’ll be storing your vessel during off season, you’ll want to get yourself a quality boat cover to protect it from the weather, debris, and dust. In addition, it makes it harder for anyone trying to access the boat that shouldn’t be there.

Sounds pretty simple, right? Well, that’s what most think until they realize they have a lot of options. So, before you head out to make that purchase, here are some things you’ll want to consider:

  1. Style: Custom covers are just that. They are specifically designed for a year, make, and model. They come in a snap-on and tie-down style. These usually fit like gloves as they accommodate the exact size and shape. Semi-custom fit various models and boats of a similar size and style. Naturally, they tend to fit a little looser than the custom made. The last are the one-size-fits-all covers known as ‘shower caps’ or ‘universal covers.’ It is recommended to stay away from these kinds of covers if you are dealing with extreme weather or trailers.
  2. Fabric: The thing about choosing the fabric will depend mostly off the weather that it will be combating. Whether the boat will be facing humid areas, heavy rainfall, and snow will be needed to be taken into consideration. Another thing to consider is what the fabric will be used for (trailering, storage, etc.).
  3. Size: Only one thing is key here – get the right dimensions!

In addition, once your cover has been purchased, there are precautions that you can take to preserve it, such as avoiding things to stand on the boat cover for long periods. Whether it’s water, snow, or leaves, try to get those off. Another thing you can do is add padding to motors, windshields and parts of the boat to avoid tears and rips.

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