Take your boating up a notch at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016

Captains from all around the world and boat lovers in Florida are flocking to Fort Lauderdale this November to assist to the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016.

International, that means $4 billion worth of the world’s most stunning yachts and boats on display in one city.

High performance boats

Will you find the high-performance boat you fancy? Don’t miss the opportunity to see the luxurious yachts you’ve been pining for.

Major Boating event of 2016

Is it time to switch up your boat for a newer model? Make sure you choose the boat that fits your new needs, see the best of boat design at the Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show.

  • The newest models
  • The latest technology
  • The most stunning innovation in design

Florida boat lovers can’t miss this major boating event. Seriously.

Flocking to Fort Lauderdale

This city has already been described as the Yachting Capital of the world. Why? Because boating is a really big deal in the “Venice of America”. If you love boating, you need to be there every year. For the 57th time, Fort Lauderdale will become the Boating Capital of the World this November.

Boat exhibition

Every shape and size, every boat type on display: runabouts, sportfishers, cabin cruisers, flat boats, skiffs, high-performance boats, center consoles, express cruisers, sailing yachts, catamarans, ski boats, canoes, motor yachts, inflatables and the most outrageous superyachts. They’re all going to be waiting for you in Broward.

Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016. The ultimate boat show. What will you see?

Three million square feet of exhibition space. That´s right. Three million. How many super yachts can you fit in so much space? The intricate canal system that makes up Broward County will be jam-packed with shiny vessels. There are more than seven show locations including the new air conditioned Sailfish Pavilion. Learn more about the show, head to the website.

The 57th annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show 2016 starts Thursday, November 3rd!

New captain?

Learn how to handle your boat like a pro, command the helm like a seasoned captain with tips from The Powerboat School. Sign up for a lesson during the boat show. Boost your boating skills with certified results. Lessons include anchoring skills, open water boat handling, and advanced docking. Wow your friends with your boating skills next time you invite them on your ship.

Gadget hoarder?

If you are searching for the latest advances in marine electronics, this boat show is a must for you. Gadget hoarders should always check out the latest GPS and electronic charts. Are you up to date?

How can computer-aided design and gyro stabilizers transform your on-the-water experience? Find out in Fort Lauderdale. Make sure you have the technology that makes boating safer and a lot more enjoyable for everyone, especially for the Captain.

Boatrax suggests

From Thursday to Sunday, enjoy the full on VIP experience at the Windward Club. Superyachts, luxury auto displays, gourmet food, and meet-and-greets with VIPs. The best of boating in one place.

Front row seats: We’ll be there to keep you posted about the event so be on the look out for live posts on social media (Periscope and Facebook Live).

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