The ABCs of Boats

Everyone knows what a boat is, but after you’ve established that you’re going to head out on the water, the simple term “boat” might not do justice or really give you much insight into the experience that’s ahead of you.


We’re here to brief you on the basics! Someone has to! It’s important to know these kinds of things in case you ever find yourself wanting to prepare for an activity and not sure what kind of boat you’re been boarding. Another reason is safety, if you are ever in any type of emergency, it’s always a best practice to be able to describe or identify vehicles around you whether it’s calling for help or sending some.

The Air boat is the flat-bottomed vessel that most of us see cruising the Florida Everglades and swamps. It is also known as a fan boat or a jon boat (with a propeller).

You wouldn’t think it but there are actually two kinds of banana boats. The trendy banana boat or sled object that you’ll see being pulled around by a boat is your standard yellow, inflatable recreational tube boat. Invented in the 80s, riders vary from 3-10, resting their feet on lateral tubes. The second, much less popular one are the fast ships that would carry bananas quickly to northern markets for trade. In modern times, these were replaced by reefer ships or refrigerated ships keeping cargo cool and from spoiling.

Another popular one is the bass boat. Whether you are familiar with smaller sized boats, you should have seen many of these on fishing shows or magazines. They are the small boats propelled by a motor designed and equipped primarily for bass fishing or other panfish, frequenting in freshwater.

A little different from your commercial boats is the bathtub boat. Mostly used for racing, the earliest versions of these boats were usually put together with an array of different materials. They currently are a monohull planner, fitting only the driver, with onboard motors.

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