The Basic Checklist

Every boat trip requires a checklist. You’re going to be out there on the water and though you might have only planned to be there for a short time, things change and you want to be prepared. It’s not worth the trouble. So what are the main points to consider when heading out on the water?

  • Water: Make sure to take enough water for everyone on the boat. This is not only for comfort but for safety as well.
  • Food: Though many trips may not require complete meals, make sure to always take snacks. Like water supplies, it doesn’t hurt. If your concern is things going to waste time and time again, stick to packaged goods, but never get out there without having food and water available for your crew. Engines go out, mechanical issues can take time, be prepared.
  • Ice: So you already have the water, ice will only help. The real question is why not have a bag of ice at your disposal?
  • Sun protection: If you’ve ever gotten severely burned, you’ll know how important is it to take care of yourself when exposed to the sun. Avoid 2nd degree burns. Keep this experience an enjoyable one, without leaving any marks!
  • First Aid Kit & Personal Medication for Passengers: These kits are usually equipped to treat minor injuries, but can go a long way when something goes wrong. Someone should be in charge of checking that this is where it should be before leaving the dock. Though many include sea sick pills, tylenol — check your kit and add on any of these medicines just in case.
  • Batteries: Last but definitely not least, always have a pair (or more!) of batteries handy. If signals fail, you want something to fall back on.

In the end, none of these things require much of an effort and will make a world of a difference should you ever need them.


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