The best places to go boating

A successful boating trip depends on the right location. To have the picture perfect vacation, it’s important to choose the perfect spot! Save yourself the hassle of looking for that place and check out the list to see the best places to go boating. The following are arranged randomly:

1) Tampa, Florida

Florida is one of the best places to go boating, and Tampa is the state’s largest bay that’s suitable for boating, with exquisite rivers, ancient ruins, and beautiful islands. Tampa itself offers fantastic cuisines from different restaurants and fine hotels. Almost all boaters found it easy to navigate in this bay. The place is boat-lifestyle friendly with plenty of boating businesses that swarm near the docks.

 2) Austin, Texas

It is considered as one of the best lakes in the state. Famous not only as a boating site but for other activities as well. The economy is inclined to the outdoor lifestyle. Hence, there are plenty of boating businesses there. In most days, the lake is easily navigated.

3) Fort Lauderdale, Florida

Did you ever dream of going to Venice? This city has the authentic Venetian seal on it – across and around the city are criss-cross canals and waterways. It’s considered to hold one of the world’s largest boat shows. Thus, boating is part of the lifestyle and livelihood of people.

4) Seattle, Washington

Boating is embedded in Seattle’s culture – boats of different shapes and sizes throng its lakes like no other city in the country has. In fact, the city holds boat celebrations – opening, parades, and sports. The boating culture is intricately weaved in the heart of the city’s heritage. The sceneries are a balanced mix of the urban industry, green islands, and mountains.

5) Finger Lakes, New York

The Finger Lakes are filled with scenic beauties. The lake is known to be clean and even potable enough for most residents. This is a perfect spot for fishing, especially during the summer. The livelihood of the community thrives on trout derbies.


These are just a few of the many scenic beauties open for boating. So go ahead and take a pick, ready your boat and start the trip!