The positive impact of COVID-19 in boating and monitoring your boat's health

Boat management

Boating in times of COVID-19

In the past few months our lives have been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. The news cycle bombarded us with Corona Virus stories, and most of them negative. Well, here is some positive COVID-19 news brought to you by your favorite boat monitoring solution. Usually, there are a hundred different reasons to take the boat out, but the current situation measures make you want to boat more than ever. We've seen a sharp increase in boat usage within our customer base by monitoring boat's engine hours, fuel consumption and distance traveled during these past couple of months of social distancing.

Reasons behind the boating boom:

  1. Today’s vessels come packed with the newest tech in electronics and sensors, boat ownership has never been easier. Boat owners can leverage technology to streamline their maintenance and boat monitoring efforts to achieve a higher level of transparency and peace of mind.
  2. No better social distancing outdoor activity. Personally, boating has always been my #1 outdoor choice, but with limited outdoor activities; beaches and restaurants closed around the country, boating is now an easy favorite pastime during the weekends.
  3. Joystick propulsion technology flattens the learning curve for first time owners. Owners are bailed out of complicated maneuvers when docking with high-tech 360-degree joysticks. 
  4. The dreaded burden of boat ownership is greatly reduced with boat monitoring devices that can make your boat a smart boat. With full visibility of a boat's critical systems with maintenance insights now boating has truly reached 21st century expectations.
  5. Odds are this won't be the last pandemic and by the time next one comes I know I will definitely want to be on my boat. 

With boating being one of the best escapes with this situation, Boat monitoring is becoming more important than ever

Tips for boating safely in times of COVID:

  1. Only boat with people in your immediate household.
  2. Avoid rafting up. Maintain at least 50 feet apart with all other boaters when anchoring. 
  3. Keep the number of guests onboard to ten or fewer.
  4. Maintain your distance at the fuel dock - and remember to wash your hands.
  5. Relax, have some fun and enjoy responsibly.

Now that it is encouraged to maintain social distancing, the water is humanity’s best remedy. We have been social distancing for quite sometime; we just use to call it boating.