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The making of the Eclipse Mega Yacht

Beautiful, luxurious, and grandiose are only a few words to describe the Eclipse. This 533-foot ship is the colossus of the seas. This monster is considered the biggest and the most expensive yacht that has ever been created in the world with a cost of almost $1.5 billion. There is nothing missing inside that city in the water; the interior of the Eclipse is designed to host 36 guests who can sleep within 18 rooms available on board. It is capable of carrying 70 crew members that will allow you to have the greatest and most luxurious experience to everybody while in the sea.

Accommodation & performance

This titan carries in it a 49-ft heated indoor pool with a mix of contemporary and relaxing outdoor styles that make this ship a wonderful place to lay back and spend a nice vacation. The most outstanding and most expensive feature on board is the high-security technology specifically designed for the Eclipse; it even has a special room that controls all CCTV in the yacht, an advanced anti-missile system and all windows are fully armored which makes this mega yacht the safest place in the world.

It’s possible to spend your holidays inside this yacht; if you are a millionaire, that is: the Eclipse can be rented for $1.6 million weekly. Why is it so expensive? Well to give you an idea, the Eclipse spends $25,000 in fuel on a 5-hour trip, and it requires maintenance of approximately $70 million annually. However, celebrities always have this giant booked for special events and social affairs.
Another great feature about this ship is that it has an advanced stabilization system that reduces the waving effect when navigating, producing a great comfort while in the sea. Its maximum speed can be up to 21.5 knots and it can carry up to about a million liters of fuel making this mega yacht the perfect marriage between luxury and great performance.
This remarkable piece of art, since it’s release date in 2010, won two awards at the World Super Yacht Awards 2011: “Best Displacement Motor Yacht” for its 3,000GT and above (approximately 85m+) and “Motor Yacht of the Year.”



533.14 ft / 162.5 m


Interior Designer

Terence Disdale



72.18 ft / 22 m


Cruising Speed

20 Knots



Blohm + Voss


Built | Refit

2010 | 2015


Gross Tonnage

13500 Tonnes


Top Speed

21 Knots


Exterior Designer

Terence Disdale






19.36 ft / 5.9 m


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