VanDutch: Gone Cruising

It was blue skies for miles the afternoon that we sat down with VanDutch’s Nick Cardozo in Miami recently. Recognized and praised throughout the world for its striking designs, the VanDutch team offers boats for an impromptu lifestyle, what some of us might call ‘the good life.’

Establishing the brand in Monaco in 2008, the name is short for Vanguard Dutch Marine, a tribute to Dutch engineering and craftsmanship. With a sleek design, a teck composite deck and an array of color combinations available, this lightweight yacht is not a place for those who have ‘gone fishing’ but rather ‘gone cruising.’

Well known as the flagship model, the VanDutch 40, prides itself on a great use of space and technology. With a new focus on the US market, the company centralized production of its vessels in the US. Some will be surprised to know that the US is one of the largest boat manufacturers in the world, which is why they’ve stationed themselves in Wisconsin, near the Great Lakes. With constant desire to cater to the comfort of their consumer base, parts have also been Americanized for efficiencies and timely distribution of ‘anything they need.’

In just a short time, VanDutch has changed the yachting experience altogether and will continue to do so as it plans to offer consumers a myriad of new technologies and options in years to come. The first of many being the Van Dutch 75, a ‘majestic alternative’ to the brand’s initial concept and model. As if that were enough, you can expect your quiet, smooth glides over the water to be powered by Formula E some day soon.

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