T-Piece Seatalk Ng
T-Piece Seatalk Ng


  • Remote monitoring & diagnostics – No more anxiety about your boat’s status

  • NMEA 2000 Compatible – The easiest electronics installation you’ve ever done

  • Unlimited alert notifications via email and app – Stay as informed as you want with no extra fees

  • Service Logs – Keep track of when and by who was service done

  • Geofence – Know where your boat is and be notified if it leaves a specific area

  • Battery Monitoring – Never be surprised again with a dead battery

  • Automatic logging – Leave the paper, pen and log behind. 

  • Complete Engine Metrics – Powerful data for an informed captain 

  • Unlimited real-time connectivity – More throttle at the same price

  • Automatic sync to cloud – Your data is always safe and accessible to you

  • Connect with your service provider – Avoid uncertainties when underway and have your technician log in to diagnose issues remotely

  • Sensor Compatible – We work with any NMEA or ON/OFF switch sensor you may already have onboard


Physical Dimensions

5.75in x 5.75in x 1.75in


3 lbs

Back-Up Battery

5500mAh Lithium polymer battery

Power Input

NMEA 2000


External Antenna 4G-LTE 

Digital Inputs

3 (3.3VDC)

Temperature Ratings

-40C to 85C

Digital Outputs

2 (5VDC)



Optional Features

Satellite Transponder

Operation Voltage

9-30 VDC

Power Consumption 

1W (normal operation) -3W (peak)


included with box

  • The Boatrax Brain
  • Cell antenna
  • GPS antenna
  • Sensor array
  • Reset tool
  • Installation instructions

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